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  1. From fine art painting to face painting, CosPainting and optical illusions, in this video we look at the work of 5 incredible body painting artists, Craig T...

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  2. Behind the scenes of the world-renowned body paintings of Craig Tracy.

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  3. Craig Tracy Gallery 827 Royal Street New Orleans LA 70116 (504) 592-9886 Website design by Scott Fray of LivingBrush Bodypainting

  4. May 18, 2016 · Probably the most well know artist working in the area is Craig Tracy from New Orleans in the United States. Craig has been an artist from childhood from when he was given the freedom and encouragement to follow his passions by his parents who could be best described as working class hippies.

  5. 5 Incredible Body Painting Artists Craig Tracy, Cho San, Nikki Shelley, Kay Pike, Gesine Marwedel

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    What was Craig Tracy’s inspiration? 1. When he was 15, he started painting people’s faces at the festival “Mardi Gras”. His passion for painting grew. A year later, he was gifted by airbrush. That gift changed his life. He got inspired by various painters such as Norman Rockwell, Boris Vallejo, Chuck Close, etc. 2. That inspiration gave him the experience to paint on surfaces. He also attended the ‘Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale’ in Florida to hone his skill and become a better painter. In one interview, he mentioned a person begging him to paint his face, turning his conventional painting into glamorous body art.

    How did Craig Tracy become a body painter? 1. Craig Tracy started to paint at the age of 16. But his professional journey started at the age of 20 as an illustrator. But being an illustrator did not meet his dream. Craig mentioned he hated being an illustrator and retired six years later. He started painting in bodies and faces, but he had to face many challenges due to conservative society. 2. In 2001, during Halloween, one person begged him to paint his face. That painting sparked something in him. He started to paint more faces and finally found his calling. He started to research body painting and finally decided to pursue his passion and career in body painting. He mentioned painting in the body as more meaningful and intriguing than any other surface. What is the favourite painting of Craig Tracey? 1. His favourite painting is called ” Speed”. He calls it a balance between simple and complex. It is a perfect triangle, circle, and square. Those figures are perfectly represented...

    Nothing has been much known about Craig despite his popularity. He has medium height and a lean body, but official records are not updated as yet. He has blue colour eyes, and he is bald.
    Nothing has been much known about his parents, but his brother Phil Tracy works in his gallery.

    What is the net worth of Craig Tracy? 1. The legendary painter’s source of income tends to be the sale of paintings, commissions, and brand deals. His net worth is estimated to be approximately $3 million as of 2020. He leaves a modest lifestyle despite earning a major source of income.

    Craig Tracy started painting when he was 15.
    He started his career at Illustrator when he was 20.
    He started his career as a body painter when he was 21.
    He won the World Body Painting Festival in Austria.

    Image Credit @craigtracyart Instagram People Also Search For Hannah Pixie Snowdon and Melanie Martinez

  6. From the first time we saw artist Craig Tracy's creations on the human body, we were captivated and we featured him on in 2010! With his bodypainting expertise, Craig is one of the featured judges of "Skin Wars" with entertainer RuPaul and fellow bodypainting artist Robin Slonina, and hosted by actress Rebecca Romijn.

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