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  1. John Doe and Jane Doe are official test accounts created by Roblox CEOs David Baszucki and Erik Cassel on June 25, 2005 (although their join dates are listed as February 27, 2006). The name John Doe refers to an anonymous male, and likewise, Jane Doe refers to an anonymous female. John Doe's user ID is #2, while Jane Doe's user ID is #3.

  2. Apr 04, 2022 · The names John and Jane Doe are placeholder titles used to refer to anonymous individuals, most commonly in police investigations dealing with unidentified bodies or criminals. The John and Jane Doe Roblox accounts haven’t been fully active since February 27, 2006, when Roblox officially left its alpha testing stage.

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    John Doe and Jane Doe is a myth connected with 2 accounts, 1 named John Doe and 1 named Jane Doe, that went offline at the exact same time. For some time it was believed they would come back to hack the site. It was also believed that if somebody researched their disappearance, they would recieve a message reading "Stop". If they persisted their ac...

    John Doe is a male humanoid, with a default face, no shirts or pants, light yellow arms and head, dark yellow torso and light blue legs. Jane Doe is a female humanoid, with the same appearance as John Doe, despite being a different gender.

    On 3/6/2006 the accounts John Doe and Jane Doe went mysteriously offline at the exact same date and time. They went offline for roughly 11 years. This started a lot of rumurs and speculation, but the most popular one was that they would come back on March 18th to hack the entire site. This caused a lot of paranoia and on 3/18/2017, the entire site ...

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    Upon spawning, Jane Doe will chase and pursue the nearest players at a speed slightly faster than the player's running speed. If someone were to enter close proximity to Jane Doe, she will make a swiping motion that will spawn a red rope around the area that the player is in. It will then penetrate the player and said players will rapidly flash fro...

    Although a Speed Coil could potentially outrun Jane Doe, she can be effectively outrun with an Ultra Coiland above.
    Jane Doe is capable of bypassing the Blue Relic.
    Jane Doe has stun immunity.
    NPC's can also turn into dummys by Jane Doe, and also Jane Doe's time extending ability.
    Jane Doe appeared in the thumbnail for Version 1.37.0 (John Doe Update 2022) of Midnight Horrors alongside 1x1x1x1.
    Jane Doe will randomly twitch when chasing players.
    Every player that gets killed by GUIDANCE will just turn into a dummy character without the red rope.
  3. John Doe and Jane Doe were test accounts created by ROBLOX founder David Baszucki and co-founder Erik Cassel in 2005, although their join dates are listed as February 27, 2006. The name John Doe...

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