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    Constitutional and legal basis Appointment. Article 7, Section 16 of the Constitution of the Philippines says that the President . shall nominate and, with the consent of the Commission on Appointments, appoint the heads of the executive departments, ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, or officers of the armed forces from the rank of colonel or naval captain, and other officers ...

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    The following is a list of living former members of the United States Cabinet.In the political system established by the United States Constitution, the President is authorized to seek advice from the principal officers of the various departments while performing their official duties.

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    This article lists the 100 oldest living current or former state leaders whose age can be demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt. State leaders are defined to include heads of state (including representatives who act in their stead, generally a governor-general), heads of government and internationally recognized de facto leaders of sovereign states with significant international recognition.

  5. Pres. Rody Duterte's Final & Complete List of Cabinet Members ... › 2016/06/30 › pres-rody-duterte-final

    Jun 30, 2016 · The newly-sworn President of the Republic of the Philippines, Pres. Rody Duterte introduced the members of his Cabinet right after his oath-taking and inauguration ceremony at the Rizal Hall of Malacanang Palace on Thursday, June 30, 2016. Pres. Rody Duterte’s cabinet members came in full force to support his administration.

  6. 18th Congress, by the numbers - RAPPLER › newsbreak › iq

    Jul 02, 2019 · The oldest Senate member remains to be Senator Richard Gordon, at 73 years and 10 months as of June 30. The youngest is still Senator Pacquiao, at 40 years old.

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    The power to appoint the chief justice lies with the president, who makes the selection from a list of three nominees prepared by the Judicial and Bar Council. There is no material difference in the process of selecting a chief justice from that in the selection of associate justices. As with the other justices of the Supreme Court, the chief justice is obliged to retire upon reaching the age of 70; otherwise there is no term limit for the chief justice. In the 1935 constitution, any person appointed by the president has to be confirmed by the Commission on Appointments; in the 1973 constitution, the person whom the president has appointed won't have to go confirmation under the Commission on Appointments. The Constitution does not ascribe any formal role to the chief justice other than as an ex-officio chairman of the Judicial and Bar Council and as the presiding officer in any impeachment trial of the president. The chief justice is also required to personally certify every decisi...

    José Yulo is the only former Speaker of the House of Representatives to be subsequently appointed as chief justice. Another, Querube Makalintal, would be elected as Speaker of the Interim Batasang...
    Roberto Concepcion was reputedly so disappointed with the court's ruling in Javellana v. Executive Secretary where the majority affirmed the validity of the 1973 Constitution despite recognizing th...
    The longest period one person served as chief justice was 18 years, 294 days in the case of Cayetano Arellano, who served from 1901 to 1920. Arellano was 73 years, 29 days old upon his resignation,...
    The shortest tenure of any chief justice was of Teresita Leonardo-de Castro, who served as chief justice for a mere 43 days upon reaching her mandatory retirement age of 70. The previous record was...
    Sevilla, Victor J. (1985). Justices of the Supreme Court of the Philippines Vol. I. Quezon City, Philippines: New Day Publishers. ISBN 971-10-0134-9.
    Sevilla, Victor J. (1985). Justices of the Supreme Court of the Philippines Vol. II. Quezon City, Philippines: New Day Publishers. ISBN 971-10-0137-3.
  8. List of the oldest living members of the United States House ... › wiki › List_of_the_oldest_living
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    This is a list of the people who, at the time of their death, were the oldest surviving members of the United States House of Representatives.

    This is a list of the oldest currently living former and current members of the United States House of Representatives. The list includes some politicians who were also Senators. Key

  9. Oldest Living Actors and Celebrities 2021 - IMDb › list › ls023573954

    Iris Apfel was born on August 29, 1921 in Astoria, Queens, New York City, New York, USA as Iris Barrel. She is an actress, known for Iris (2014), The Will Iris Apfel (2019) and Bill Cunningham New York (2010). She was previously married to Carl Apfel. Born 8/29/1921, age 99. 5.

  10. Top 12 Richest Politicians in the Philippines – › top-12-richest-politicians-in-the-philippines

    Oct 23, 2015 · While, ANAKPAWIS Party List Representative, Fernando “Ka Pando” L. Hicap remains to be the poorest with a net worth of only P95, 572 although this figure has already increased compared to P37, 722 back in 2013. Bellow is the list of the Top 12 richest politicians in the Philippines: 1. Cynthia Villar.

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