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    U.S. frozen fries are made from premium Russet potatoes, grown to just the right size to yield a high percentage of longer fries. A study at Oregon State University comparing U.S. Extra Long Fancy fries to the highest grade fries from other world exporters found the U.S. fries yielded more servings per case due to the extra length.

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    All of the items in our frozen potato products collection are of the highest quality and made with your convenience in mind. Be sure to update your shopping list with frozen potato products today! For more related culinary inspiration be sure to check out our fantastic potato recipes and French fry recipes .

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    Add value to your frozen potato items by offering seasoned or battered-coated fries, either cut in strips or waffle-shaped. These items are packed to the highest quality specifications, using only the best russet potatoes.

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    Top russet potatoes cultivated in selected organic farms to deliver delicious and tasty french fries. Export Quality Frozen French Fries by WOTC. Williamson Overseas Trading corporation, one of the leading exporting company in Kerala produces export quality Frozen French Fries. Our word wide customers in food processing industries leaders especially demand our French Fries since they got a good item to ad with their business menus.

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    Made with U.S. russet potatoes to ensure they are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, frozen fries are an invaluable asset in any working kitchen, whether as the traditional side order for your customers’ burger, or as a main dish in their own right. U.S. fries don’t disappoint and are the perfect companion to elevate your menu.

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    Russet potato contracts cut Sales of frozen French fries and other potato products are down as fast-food businesses and restaurants closed due to the pandemic. Written By: Ann Bailey | ...

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    Aug 03, 2020 · Fries should be made with russet potatoes, so that they have a very high amount of starch. They are deep fried in oil with a high smoke point, like canola or peanut. They are salted straight out of the fryer, and right before they are served.

  9. Former MythBuster goes on McDonald's french fry fact ... - CNET › news › former-mythbuster-goes-on

    Even though the fries are dipped in various ingredients, fried and frozen, Imahara discovers that they do come from real potatoes. McDonald's uses a variety of potatoes , including Ranger Russet ...

  10. Russet Potato, the Best Potato for Making French Fries ... › chips-making-news

    McCain Branded French Fries are made from Shepody, Ranger Russet, and, the same with McDonald’s, who buys more than 3.4 billion pounds of U.S. potatoes annually for french fries, and Russet Burbank is the top choice of McDonald’s for its excellent storage qualities as well as consistent texture and taste, which makes it the perfect french-fry potato.

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