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    • Who is Masaru Ibuka?

      • Masaru Ibuka (井深 大 Ibuka Masaru; April 11, 1908 – December 19, 1997) was a Japanese electronics industrialist and co-founder of Sony. In 1908, Masaru Ibuka was born as the first son of Tasuku Ibuka who was a student of Inazo Nitobe. But Masaru lost his father at an early age. Masaru moved to Kobe because his mother remarried.
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    In 1976, Ibuka stepped down as chairman of Sony, though he retained close connections with company as an advisor until he died of heart failure on December 19, 1997. Resources: -- Sony's ...

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  3. Oct 04, 1999 · Before that, he was the junior partner to Masaru Ibuka, an engineering genius who, while not as widely known in the West, is considered in Japan to be the main founder of Sony. Mr. Ibuka died in ...

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    Ibuka left Sony in 1976, but maintained close ties as an advisor until his death in 1997 from heart failure at the age of 89.

    Ibuka also authored the book Kindergarten is Too Late (1971), in which he claims that the most significant human learning occurs from ages 9 months to 3 years and suggests ways and means to take advantage of this. The book's foreword was written by Glenn Doman, founder of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, an organization that teaches parents about child brain development. Ibuka and Doman agreed that the first years of life were vital for education.

    1960 Awarded Medal of Honor with Blue Ribbon from H.M. The Emperor of Japan
    1964 Received Distinguished Services Award from the Institute of Electrical Communication Engineers of Japan
    1972 Received Founders Medal from IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
    1976 Honorary Doctor of Engineering, Sophia University, Tokyo
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  6. Initially, he and co-founder Akio Morita called their company Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation, later renaming it Sony following WWII. Before embarking upon his career as an innovator and empire builder, Ibuka was passionate about amateur radios. Ibuka died of heart failure on December 19, 1997, at age 89. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi.

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