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  1. English is world’s lingua franca - Times of Malta › articles › view

    Jul 28, 2012 · The world is a village and English is the lingua franca; institutes of higher education have come to recognise this. Italy’s most prestigious business school, Bocconi University, has been offering...

  2. Afgan Mehtiyev Azerbaijan University ... - Department of English › publications › clnArchives

    regarded by some as an unofficial global lingua franca owing to the economic, cultural, and geopolitical power of most of the developed Western nations in world financial and business institutions. The de facto status of English as the lingua franca in these countries has carried over globally as a result.

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  4. Why did English become the ‘global language’? | by Kieran ... › english-language-faq › why-did-english

    Mar 19, 2019 · Yet few would dispute that English is the leading world language. This is because English is the world’s lingua franca or common second language, as this table shows. English is the most popular...

  5. English as a lingua franca - Wikipedia › wiki › English_as_a_lingua_franca

    English as a lingua franca (ELF) is the use of the English language "as a global means of inter-community communication" (Seidlhofer 2016: 20) and can be understood as "any use of English among speakers of different first languages for whom English is the communicative medium of choice and often the only option" (Seidlhofer 2011: 7).

  6. Mar 07, 2019 · English is the first global lingua franca, which puts it in a very useful position, not because it is better than other languages, but simply because it got there first, and there is no major...

  7. Nov 15, 2013 · Good English is a critical business tool. ... It’s easy to take for granted being born in a country where people speak the lingua franca of global business, ... As you can see in the chart below ...

  8. Mar 17, 2017 · From 2020, Japanese carmaker Honda will use English as its corporate lingua franca (Credit: Getty Images) “It’s also one of the most succinct, simple languages to learn” says Lin Xie.

  9. English language in Europe - Wikipedia › wiki › English_language_in_Europe

    English is also commonly used on Cyprus to communicate with foreign visitors. The large number of British tourists (and other, largely Northern European ones, who use English as a lingua franca) who visit Cyprus regularly has contributed largely to the continued use of English on Cyprus, especially in its thriving tourist industry.

  10. Pros and cons of English being the international lingua franca › pros-and-cons-of-english-being

    In addition, overcoming the language barriers is the potential benefit of English. Communications are difficult when people don’t have a common language. With English being the lingua franca, it is easier for people to disseminate ideas and also break down cultural boundaries that separate people apart at the same.

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