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  1. Why English became a Lingua Franca - Sanako Language Ambassadors › why-english

    Mar 15, 2021 · English as a lingua franca is a concept that has only arisen in the past years. The meaning is simple: English is the preferred language used by people with different mother tongues and cultures which may or may not include a native speaker (Firth, 1996). According to Crystal (2003), a language that has international reputation enhances ...

  2. English is world’s lingua franca - Times of Malta › articles › view

    Jul 28, 2012 · The world is a village and English is the lingua franca; institutes of higher education have come to recognise this. Italy’s most prestigious business school, Bocconi University, has been ...

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  4. Why is English the world’s lingua franca? - Quora › Why-is-English-the-world-s-lingua

    Ironically, the phrase “lingua franca” means French if you interpret it at all literally :), but I think I understand what you really mean. In Western Civilization and then later the world at large, there have been a series of “international” lang...

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    regarded by some as an unofficial global lingua franca owing to the economic, cultural, and geopolitical power of most of the developed Western nations in world financial and business institutions. The de facto status of English as the lingua franca in these countries has carried over globally as a result.

  6. Jun 20, 2017 · And the more countries include English as a second language in their education system, the more English as a lingua franca will remain. So it looks like English fills David Crystal’s lingua franca prerequisite with aplomb, having acquired special status in over seventy countries (including Ghana, Nigeria, India and Singapore, among dozens of ...

  7. Mar 07, 2019 · English is the first global lingua franca, which puts it in a very useful position, not because it is better than other languages, but simply because it got there first, and there is no major ...

  8. Lingua francas, the vehicular languages of the world | Crazy ... › lingua-francas
    • What Is A Lingua Franca ?
    • English as A Global Lingua Franca
    • Regional Lingua Franca Examples
    • Dead Lingua Francas
    • The Special Case of Fanakalo

    A lingua franca is a language people of a region usually use with one another when their respective first languages are not the same. It's the language everybody speaks, the one you try a few words in when you meet a person who doesn't seem to understand your own language. That's the language used by tourists, international salespersons, diplomats, scientists, politicians when they are in visit in foreign countries, etc. The lingua franca of love

    English is for sure the global lingua franca of our times. It is used in about every part of the world in touristic, commercial, scientific and diplomatic discussions.

    The other most spoken languages don't qualify for the global lingua franca title, but surely for some region of the world. Nowadays, Spanishfor example (which is by the way most often called ‘Castilian' in Spain) is the official language in twenty countries. This is quite impressive, but it still doesn't qualify Spanish for the global lingua franca title as it is not that much used by people in countries that don't have Spanish as their official language. It's a regional lingua franca. As far as lingua francas are concerned, the region concept is obviously covering countries, not only a few towns and villages. In East Africa (a very big region including Tanzania, Kenya, parts of Somalia, the Comoros, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique), Swahili plays the role of … yes, you guessed it, of vehicular language ! Spoken by about 155 million people, Swahili is the proud owner of sixteen noun classes (that is, sixteen different ways to decline a noun a...

    So … English is the global LF of our times. Chinese may well be the one of the future, but history has taught us that, given enough time, they are both going to disappear ! OK, maybe, maybe history is not going to repeat itself this time. Printing and the internet may make it more difficult for history to roll its timeline on languages of our times as it did on ancient ones.

    To end this worldwide linguistic tour of linguas francas in beauty, let's talk a little about those vehicular languages that are not well-structured, centuries-old languages. Some linguas francas are indeed pidgins ; that is, very basic languages based on the vocabulary and the grammar of one or several others. Fanakalo2 for example was created so that black people coming from more than thirty tribes could work together in the South African mines of Golden Reef, at the south-west of Johannesburg. This was a very simple lingua franca constituted with words from English, Afrikaans, Portuguese and Bantu languages like Zulu. The word Fanakaloitself means “Do this like that” … Footnotes : 1 In fact, the Proto-Elamite language disputes this ‘oldest written language known' title to Sumerian. 2 It is sometimes called Fanagalo. (Just so you know !) My resources : In addition to the internet and the great Wikipedia, I often refer myself to the following book to write my articles : – 1000 lang...

  9. The History of English - English as a Global Language › issues_global

    A global language acts as a “lingua franca”, a common language that enables people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities to communicate on a more or less equitable basis. Historically, the essential factor for the establishment of a global language is that it is spoken by those who wield power. Latin was the lingua franca of its time ...

  10. English as a lingua franca - Wikipedia › wiki › English_as_a_lingua_franca

    English as a lingua franca (ELF) is the use of the English language "as a global means of inter-community communication" (Seidlhofer 2016: 20) and can be understood as "any use of English among speakers of different first languages for whom English is the communicative medium of choice and often the only option" (Seidlhofer 2011: 7).

  11. Definition and Examples of a Lingua Franca › what-is-a-lingua-franca-1691237

    Jun 15, 2020 · A lingua franca (pronounced LING-wa FRAN-ka) is a language or mixture of languages used as a medium of communication by people whose native languages are different. It is from the Italian, "language" + "Frankish" and also known as a trade language, contact language, international language, and global language.

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