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  1. May 31, 2021 · Why is English so important? It will enable you to cross borders. Because English is a Lingua Franca you can cross borders if you have a good command of it, whether that is physically or via collaborations in the digital world. As most people in the corporate world speak English it means that you can overcome barriers and borders and expand ...

  2. Why English has become the world’s lingua franca is due to the fact that is the common language or mode of communication that enables people to understand one another regardless of their cultural and ethnical backgrounds. It makes communication a lot easier and understanding one another has become efficient.

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  4. Key words: ELF; Lingua Francas; Plurilingualism; Global Language Networks. 1. Introduction The rise of English to become the world’s most influential language has been a long, seemingly inexorable process and has led many to conclude that, on an international level, English is the only language that counts.

  5. Sep 22, 2009 · Summary. ‘English is the global language.’. A headline of this kind must have appeared in a thousand news-papers and magazines in recent years. ‘English Rules’ is an actual example, presenting to the world an uncomplicated scenario suggesting the universality of the language's spread and the likelihood of its continuation.

    • David Crystal
    • 2003
    • English Languagel as Lingua Franca
    • The Euro-English
    • Different Scenarios About Elf That May Happen If UK Leaves European Union
    • in Conclusion, Linguistic Changes Are Very Slowly and Complex Processes.

    The English language is spoken as a first and second language by millions of people, and it is used as lingua franca in several contexts. The term lingua franca shows a very complex phenomenon. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary: the term lingua franca traces its origin in the 1620s, from Italian, literally Frankish tongue. A stripped-dow...

    In fact, according to Modiano (2017), the exit of United Kingdom may affect the status of ELF and may give birth of a European English or Euro-English. Euro-English is variety of English used by Europeans in Europe, which is not based on an Inner Circle variety, but it is influenced both by standard English and by speaker’s native tongues, whose fi...

    First, the exit of such a powerful nation, like UK, may weaken the status of English as lingua franca, because English will be official language only in two states members of EU: Malta and Ireland, so it will be spoken by lees than 1% of European’s population. As result, it may provoke the development of English varieties, which differ from the sta...

    They may take decades, even centuries; language may vary in phonology, morphology, semantics and syntax. This paper examined the linguistic phenomenon of lingua franca and investigated the status of English as lingua franca. Then, a possible influence of Brexit on the role of English as lingua franca is hypothesized and the notion of Euro-English i...

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