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    • Which is the most widely spoken foreign language in the EU?

      • Although in most countries English is not an official language, it is currently the language most often taught as a foreign language. In the countries of the EU, English is the most widely spoken foreign language in nineteen of the twenty-five member states where it is not an official language (that is,...
  1. 4 days ago · Modern English, sometimes described as the first global lingua franca, is also regarded as the first world language. [114] [115] English is the world's most widely used language in newspaper publishing, book publishing, international telecommunications, scientific publishing, international trade, mass entertainment, and diplomacy. [115]

  2. 5 days ago · Latin served as the undisputed European lingua franca until the 19th century, when the cultures of vernacular languages and the "national languages" started to gain ground and claim status. Today, several institutions of the European Union use Latin in their logos and domain names instead of listing their names in all the official languages.

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  4. 3 days ago · However, English has replaced Russian as lingua franca in Lithuania and around 80% of young people speak English as the first foreign language. In contrast to the other two Baltic states, Lithuania has a relatively small Russian-speaking minority (5.0% as of 2008).

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    • 150 million (2012), L2 speakers: 110 million (2012)
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    2 days ago · Esperanto (/ ˌ ɛ s p ə ˈ r ɑː n t oʊ / or / ˌ ɛ s p ə ˈ r æ n t oʊ /) is the world's most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language.Created by Polish ophthalmologist L. L. Zamenhof in 1887, it was intended to be a universal second language for international communication.

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    4 days ago · Dublin (/ ˈ d ʌ b l ɪ n /; Irish: Baile Átha Cliath, pronounced [ˈbˠalʲə aːhə ˈclʲiə] or [ˌbʲlʲaː ˈclʲiə]) is the capital and largest city of Ireland. Situated on a bay on the east coast, at the mouth of the River Liffey, it lies within the province of Leinster.

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