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    The obvious answer here is that we were colonized by the Brits. However, I think the more underlying reason is that Nigeria is such a culturally diverse country that there is no one single language spoken and understood in every part of the countr...

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    Oct 14, 2019 · Updated October 14, 2019. The varieties of the English language that are used in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa. English is the official language of Nigeria, a former British protectorate. English (especially the variety known as Nigerian Pidgin English) functions as a lingua franca in this multilingual ...

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    Nigeria can use to relate with one another that can be used to build the nation. This role falls on the English language which is the nation’s official and second language, as well as her lingua Franca. Consequently, this paper sought to highlight the roles the English language performs in the building of the Nigerian nation.


    PROBLEM AND PROSPECT OF LINQUA FRANCA IN NIGERIA. At the root of the dilemmas of national integration in Nigeria is the country’s search for a lingua franca. No doubt, in a plural and deeply divided society like Nigeria, a national language is seen as unifying the absence of common, nationwide ethnic and cultural identity, new ...

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    English as a lingua franca (ELF) is the use of the English language "as a global means of inter-community communication" (Seidlhofer 2016: 20) and can be understood as "any use of English among speakers of different first languages for whom English is the communicative medium of choice and often the only option" (Seidlhofer 2011: 7).

  7. History Of English Language In Nigeria And Top 10 Uses ... › history-of-english-language-in-nigeria

    In terms and also an aspect of communication, English language is used worldwide. It is termed as the Lingua-Franca of the country. Nigeria as a country has different cultures and ethnic groups. The only way to unite them together is by speaking one language, which is why English was made the Lingua-Franca of the country.

  8. Globalization of English its effects on cultural identity The globalization of English language can be understood in various aspects; for example, as an instrument for economic success or the creator of new inequality class, a tool for cross-cultural communication and awareness, and as a passing phase of lingua franca (Johnson, 2009).

  9. Mar 07, 2019 · English is the first global lingua franca, which puts it in a very useful position, not because it is better than other languages, but simply because it got there first, and there is no major ...

  10. Mar 17, 2017 · From 2020, Japanese carmaker Honda will use English as its corporate lingua franca (Credit: Getty Images) “It’s also one of the most succinct, simple languages to learn” says Lin Xie.

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    Apr 03, 2020 · Updated April 03, 2020. The term English as a lingua franca ( ELF) refers to the teaching, learning, and use of English as a common means of communication (or contact language) for speakers of different native languages . British linguist Jennifer Jenkins points out that ELF is not a new phenomenon. English, she says, "has served as a lingua ...

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