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  1. Most are performers of music as well as researchers; applicants are evaluated individually on the basis of their background and academic achievements. Applicants should normally possess a Master’s degree, or equivalent, in Music, Ethnomusicology or other relevant discipline plus one reference.

  2. The field is characterized by the many cultures, religions, and ethnicities that have contributed to the larger American literary tradition over the past 500 years. The study of literature invites trans-disciplinary collaboration with fields as varied as history, cultural studies, politics, and women’s studies making it challenging for ...

  3. The Western classical tradition formally begins with music created by and for the early Christian Church. It is probable that the early Church wished to disassociate itself from the predominant music of ancient Greece and Rome, as it was a reminder of the pagan religion it had persecuted and been persecuted by.

  4. This page is for jobs that begin in 2023. Previous pages: Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2021-22 (last year) Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2020-21 (2 years ago) Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2019-20 (3 years ago) Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2018-19 (4 years ago) Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2017-18 (5 years ago) See also: Music Theory/Composition 2022-23 (Music Theory and Composition page for 2022-23 ...

  5. Nov 13, 2022 · The field had been taking a bit of a hit and importance was reduced during the decolonialisation period, so an amateur race seemed a good compromise. The Poles rocked up from the word go, and later Peace Race winner Bernard Guyot also took a stage, however El Gourch was peaking for the race, proving just too strong, and won both the 1964 and ...

  6. Analytic Number Theory and Approximation Theory; use of finite differences to determine information about lattice points close to a curve or surface; application of results to gap problems in Number Theory: Arts and Sciences: Trifonov, Ognian: Vraciu, Adela: Columbia: Mathematics

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    An important early influence was the avuncular Abraham Jacobi, his mother's brother-in-law and a friend of Karl Marx, and who was to advise him through Boas's career. Due to this, Boas was granted the independence to think for himself and pursue his own interests.