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  1. Sep 28, 2023 · 5 Libraries 6 See also Overview [ edit] The Wikibase REST API is an OpenAPI -based interface that allows users to interact with, retrieve and edit Items and statements on Wikibase instances -- including of course Wikidata. For more information about REST, see the Wikipedia entry on representational state transfer . How to use the API [ edit]

    • Using Wikidata's Data
    • Wikimedia Projects
    • Data Best Practices
    • Access Best Practices
    • When to Use It?
    • Details
    • Less Verbose RDF Output
    • Revisions and Caching
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    Wikidata offers a wide range of general data about everything under the sun. All that data is licensed CC0, "No rights reserved", for the public domain. Changes to APIs and other methods of accessing Wikidata are subject to the Stable Interface Policy. Data sources on this page are not guaranteedto be stable interfaces.

    This document is about accessing data from outside Wikimedia projects. If you need to present data from Wikidata in another Wikimedia project, where you can employ parser functions, Lua and/or other internal-only methods, refer to How to use data on Wikimedia projects.

    We offer the data in Wikidata freely and with no requirement for attribution under CC-0. In return, we would greatly appreciate it if, in your project, you mention Wikidata as the origin of your data. In so doing you help ensure that Wikidata will stay around for a long time to provide up-to-date and high-quality data. We also promote the best proj...

    When accessing Wikidata's data, observe the following best practices: 1. Follow the User-Agent policy – send a good User-Agent header. 2. Follow the robot policy: send Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflateand don’t make too many requests at once. 3. If you get a 429 Too Many Requests response, stop sending further requests for a while (see the Retry-Afterr...

    Use search when you need to look for a text string, or when you know the names of the entities you're looking for but not the exact entities themselves. It's also suitable for cases in which you can specify your search based on some very simple relations in the data. Don't use search when the relations in your data are better described as complex.

    You can make your search more powerful with these additional keywords specific to Wikidata: haswbstatement, inlabel, wbstatementquantity, hasdescription, haslabel. This search functionality is documented on the CirrusSearch extension page. It also has its own API action.

    By default, the RDF data that the Linked Data interface returns is meant to be complete in itself, so it includes descriptions of other entities it refers to. If you want to exclude that information, you can append the query parameter ?flavor=dumpto the URL(s) you request. By appending &flavorto the URL, you can control exactly what kind of data ge...

    You can request specific revisions of an entity with the revision query parameter: The following URL formats are used by the user interface and by the query service updater, respectively, so if you use one of the same URL formats there’s a good chance you’ll get faster (cached)...

    Use a dump when your result set is likely to be very large. You'll also find a dump important when setting up your own query service. Don't use a dump if you need current data: the dumps take a very long time to export and even longer to sync to your own query service. Dumps are also unsuitable when you have significant limits on your available ban...

    At you'll find a Go library for processing Wikipedia and Wikidata dumps.
    You can use wdumperto get partial custom RDF dumps.
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  3. January 25th 2023 - First release on Wikidata January 18th 2023 - REST API is now available for testing on Test.Wikidata August 2022 - Feedback on current development state on Beta Wikidata. October 2021 - Early feedback on the proposed implementation plan; design of the REST API, its scope and specifications.

  4. Jun 18, 2020 · -1 I'm trying to get information from Wikidata. For example, to access to "cobalt-70" I use the API. API_ENDPOINT = "" query = "cobalt-70" params = { 'action': 'wbsearchentities', 'format': 'json', 'language': 'en', 'search': query } r = requests.get (API_ENDPOINT, params = params) print (r.json ())

  5. Jul 7, 2015 · 15 Ok so I'm trying to get information from Wikidata about movies, take this movie for example: On the page the data is clearly displayed in a readable format, however when you trying to extract it via the API you get this:

  6. Wikidata Toolkit 0.14.6 API. Package for mostly static helper code to work with data objects. Basic implementation for objects representing Wikibase data and related factories. Interfaces for representing Wikibase data and related factories. Components for downloading and processing Wikibase dump files. Code that is specific to the dump file ...

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