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  1. This project aims to improve Wikipedia's articles on all aspects of telecommunications. This includes the history of different types of telecommunications, as well as new developments in telecommunication technology. The project also seeks to improve existing articles related to field, and to provide reliable, third-party sources to verify them ...

  2. Subspace engine 08:00 (UTC), 12 October 2018, Looking to learn about Telecommunications and about editing Wikipedia. Dogojosho ( talk ) 15:10, 17 January 2019 (UTC) Chiefly interested in mobile networks, and partially in programming and hardware development.

  3. This article is within the scope of WikiProject Telecommunications, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Telecommunications on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.

  4. The WikiProject's a project tae manage specific faumily o information within Wikipaedia. If ye stairt a new WikiProject, name it Wikipedia:WikiProject name whaur the "name" is the subject o project.

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    Long distance networks allow transmission of significative amount of data between cities, large regions or even countries. Particular infrastructures need be installed according to capacity and risks such links are exposed to. You may find markers, dedicated space and buildings beside then. Long distance networks prefer reliability and amplification capacity instead of quantity. Distance requires costly amplification devices and large bandwidth (several, hundred of gigabytes/seconds) systems reliability expects low repair time. Then capacity=*(fibre number) inside a given cable is often small. You'll find higher capacity in local loop sections to connect subscribers to local service equipments.

    Datacenters are facilities involved in telecom services production. Several sorts can be distinguished as below. They usually are restricted access buildings with appropriate utilities supplies including power, fibre and eventually district cooling feeders to cool them down. It is actually useful to separate buildings with compute or only traffic exchange capabilities as they don't offer the same kind of service. As it's two really different functions, they're pretty always located at different places. A proper proposal to establish a more wider tagging should be written and reviewed by the community.

    Local loops refer to the last mile network cables intended to connect subscribers or businesses to service equipment located in telecom operators facilities like exchanges. These may be large capacity=*networks with high amount of fibres or copper pairs available in a given cable.

    See also: a proposal for details mapping of radio antennas etc 1. man_made=mast 2. man_made=tower 3. man_made=communications_tower See also: 1. Question about "operator(s)": Talk:WikiProject Telecoms 2. Proposed_features/Telecommunications_tower 3. Tag:man_made=communications_tower NOTE Often communication:mobile_phone=yesis used with the following to further define masts, towers etc See this overpass query for examples of combinations with communication:mobile_phone=yes

    Local projects intend to document practices, knowledge and mapping guidelines only relevent for a particular area in the world. Feel free to create a dedicated one for your region if missing. Such page should only cover partiular area (like countries or region) but not a given infrastructure or facility for sake of consistency. 1. Telecoms/France

    The New Cloud Atlas has a built in iD editor with customized presets. The project produces two map tilesets for Telecoms features: standard transparent markers and a "cloud x-ray" tileset showing a more artistic render with scaled polygons, overlapping markers and features shown at all zoom levels. In addition there is utf-grid tileset.

  5. WikiProject Meetings Mapping status page A mish-mash of tasks and ideas for improving the Haiti map and the wiki representation: Resources for mapping Available imagery and data sources More information on available data sources: Resources derived from OSM data OSM data extracts for Haiti and the Dominican Republic, hosted by geofabrik updated ...

  6. Sep 13, 2020 · English: "Editing Wikipedia" gives you a basic introduction to how to edit Wikipedia. You will learn what Wikipedia is and how it works, how to navigate Wikipedia, how and why you should contribute to Wikipedia, important rules that keep Wikipedia reliable, how to edit with VisualEditor and using wiki markup, how to add content, and etiquette for interacting with other contributors.

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