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    Mar 29, 2021 · A dictionary is a listing of lexemes from the lexicon of one or more specific languages, often arranged alphabetically (or by radical and stroke for ideographic languages), which may include information on definitions, usage, etymologies, pronunciations, translation, etc..

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    Mar 29, 2021 · A dictionary is a type of book which explains the meanings of words or, more precisely, lexemes. The words are arranged in alphabetical order so that they can be found quickly. The word "dictionary" comes from the Latin "dictio" ("saying").

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    3 days ago · is an online dictionary whose domain was first registered on May 14, 1995. The content for is based on the latest version of Random House Unabridged Dictionary, with other content from the Collins English Dictionary, American Heritage Dictionary and others.

    • Brian Kariger, Daniel Fierro
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    Alternative forms

    1. wikipedia(when used as a common noun)


    Blend of wiki +‎ encyclopedia, coined by Larry Sanger.


    1. (UK) IPA(key): /ˌwɪkɪˈpiːdɪə/ 2. (US) enPR: wĭ'kēpēʹdēə, wĭ'kəpēʹdēə, IPA(key): /ˌwɪkiˈpiːdi.ə/, /ˌwɪkəˈpiːdi.ə/ 3. Rhymes: -iːdiə


    Borrowed from English Wikipedia.

    Proper noun

    Wikipedia (genitive Wikipedias) 1. Wikipedia


    Wikipedia c (singular definite Wikipediaen, plural indefinite Wikipediaer) 1. Wikipedia(a version of the encyclopedia project)


    Borrowed from English Wikipedia, blend of Hawaiian wiki + English encyclopedia. Surface analysis: Hawaiian wiki (“speedy”) + Italian -pedia (“-pedia”).


    1. (standard) IPA(key): /wi.kiˈpe.dia/ 2. (alternative pronunciations) IPA(key): /vi.kiˈpe.dia/, /wi.kiˈpi.dia/, /vi.kiˈpi.dia/ 3. Hyphenation: wi‧ki‧pé‧dia

    Proper noun

    Wikipedia f 1. Wikipedia 1.1. la Wikipedia in lingua italiana/inglese/spagnola ― the Wikipediain Italian/English/Spanish language


    Wikipedia 1. Rōmaji transcription of ウィキペディア


    From English Wikipedia.


    1. IPA(key): /vʲi.kʲiˈpɛd.ja/

    Proper noun

    Wikipedia f 1. (Internet) Wikipedia

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    Apr 03, 2021 · Wiktionary is a dictionary, or a group of meanings for words, in the form of a wiki. There are many languages of Wiktionary. Wiktionary is also a thesaurus. Wiktionary is run by the Wikimedia Foundation, which also runs Wikipedia.

  7. dictionary - Wiktionary › wiki › dictionary
    • Etymology
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    • Noun
    • Verb

    Borrowed from Medieval Latin dictionarium, from Latin dictionarius, from dictio (“speaking”), from dictus, perfect past participle of dīcō (“speak”) + -arium (“room, place”).

    (Received Pronunciation) IPA(key): /ˈdɪkʃ(ə)n(ə)ɹi/
    (General American, Canada) enPR: dĭk'shə-nĕr-ē, IPA(key): /ˈdɪkʃənɛɹi/
    Hyphenation: dic‧tion‧ary
    Rhymes: -ɪkʃənɛəɹi

    dictionary (plural dictionaries) 1. A reference work with a list of words from one or more languages, normally ordered alphabetically, explaining each word's meaning, and sometimes containing information on its etymology, pronunciation, usage, translations, and other data. 1.1. 1988, Andrew Radford, chapter 7, in Transformational grammar: a first course, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, page 339: 1.1.1. But what other kind(s) of syntactic information should be included in Lexical Entries? Traditional dictionaries such as Hornby's (1974) Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English include not only categorial information in their entries, but also information about the range of Complementswhich a given item permits (this information is represented by the use of a number/letter code). 1.1. Synonym: wordbook 2. (preceded by the) A synchronic dictionary of a standardised language held to only contain words that are properly part of the language. 2.1. 1930, Norman Li...

    dictionary (third-person singular simple present dictionaries, present participle dictionarying, simple past and past participle dictionaried) 1. (transitive)To look up in a dictionary. 2. (transitive) To add to a dictionary. 2.1. 1866, William Henry Ward, The international day, night, and fog signal telegraph, page 12: 2.1.1. By a reference to the following dictionariedabbreviations, the simplicity and harmony of each sentence will be manifestly apparent; although it does not embrace everything, and could not, as it would be far too voluminous for general use. 2.2. 2001, The Michigan Alumnus, page 25: 2.2.1. Should I use a word that a lot of people use but isn't in the dictionary? Uncle Phil would rather get a root canal than say he was scrapbooking, because the word isn't dictionaried. 3. (intransitive, rare) To compile a dictionary. 3.1. 1864, Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, volume 96, page 334: 3.1.1. They [dictionary-makers] may have had their romance at home — may have been cr...

  8. Dictionnaire — Wikipédia › wiki › Dictionnaire

    4 days ago · Dictionnaire étymologique de l'ancien français (DEA), par Kurt Baldinger, Jean-Denis Gendron et Georges Straka (1971-2009). Dictionnaire de la langue française du XVI e siècle, par Edmond Huguet en sept volumes (1925-1967), dont on a critiqué l'étroitesse du corpus et la conception périmée de la lexicographie [63].

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    Apr 01, 2021 · dictionary. 1. data dictionary. 2. associative array. 3. Free On-line Dictionary of Computing. Nearby terms: Dick Size War ♦ DICOM ♦ dictionaryDictionary APL ♦ dictionary flame. Try this search on Wikipedia, OneLook, Google

  10. Mar 31, 2021 · Dictionary encapsulates the mapping between normalized words and their integer ids.

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