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  1. was founded by Brian Kariger and Daniel Fierro as part of Lexico Publishing, which also started and At the time of its launch, it was one of the web's first in-depth reference sites. [6]

  2. Version 12.4.191 (2020): The latest 2020 Oxford University Word Database. New dictionary entries, improved quality of audio pronunciation. Oxford Dictionaries of English and Concise Oxford Thesaurus. It is a compilation that includes Oxford Dictionaries of English and Concise Oxford Thesaurus. 3rd edition

  3. Dictionary versus Thesaurus comparison chart; Dictionary Thesaurus; Description: Collection of words in one or more specific languages listed alphabetically, which provides the meanings, definitions, etymologies and pronunciations of words. A book that lists words grouped together according to similarity of meanings or synonyms and sometimes ...

  4. curation definition: 1. the selection and care of objects to be shown in a museum or to form part of a collection of…. Learn more.

  5. get up definition: 1. to stand up: 2. If the wind gets up, it starts to grow stronger: 3. to wake up and get out of…. Learn more.

  6. If you use Google Docs, the thesaurus is integrated into the free OneLook Thesaurus Google Docs Add-On as the "Synonyms" button. (Wildcard patterns are not yet suppoerted by this add-on.) If you regularly use the main OneLook site, you can put colon (:) into any OneLook search box, followed by a description, to go directly to the thesaurus.

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