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    Chinese dictionaries date back over two millennia to the Han Dynasty, which is a significantly longer lexicographical history than any other language. There are hundreds of dictionaries for the Chinese language, and this article discusses some of the most important.

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    Robert Morrison (1782-1834) is credited with several historical firsts in addition to the first bidirectional Chinese and English dictionary. He was the first Protestant missionary in China, started the first Chinese-language periodical in 1815 (Wilkinson 2015:850), collaborated with William Milne to write the first translation of the Bible into Chinese in 1823, helped to found the English ...

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    A Chinese–English Dictionary Title page from Giles' A Chinese–English Dictionary. The epigraph quotes Longinus, "Failure in a great attempt is at least a noble error". AuthorHerbert Allen Giles CountryChina LanguageChinese, English PublisherKelly and Walsh Publication date 1892 Media typePrint Pagesxlvi, 1415 OCLC272554592 A Chinese–English Dictionary, compiled by the British consular officer and sinologist Herbert Allen Giles, is the first Chinese–English encyclopedic dictionary...

    Herbert Giles worked for 18 years to compile and publish the 1892 first edition A Chinese-English Dictionary, which contains 10,859 character head entries plus 2,989 variant characters for a total of 13,848 entries. He decided to number every head entry—an improvement lacking in the earlier dictionaries of Morrison, Medhurst, and Williams—in order to facilitate internal cross-referencing and make it easier for users to find characters. Giles subsequently worked for 20 years revising and ...

    Giles' A Chinese-English Dictionary has received both acclaim and censure. An early critic, the Chinese Malaysian scholar Gu Hongming criticized Giles' lack of overall insight into Chinese literature, and said It is this want of philosophical insight in Dr. Giles which makes him so helpless in the arrangement of his materials in his books. Take for instance his great dictionary. It is in no sense a dictionary at all. It is merely a collection of Chinese phrases and sentences, translated by Dr. G

    • Herbert Allen Giles
    • China
    • 1892
    • Chinese, English
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    The Concise Dictionary of Spoken Chinese, which was compiled by Yuen Ren Chao and Lien Sheng Yang, made numerous important lexicographic innovations. It was the first Chinese dictionary specifically for spoken Chinese words rather than for written Chinese characters, and one of the first to mark characters for being "free" or "bound" morphemes according to whether or not they can stand alone as a complete and independent utterance.

    The compilers of the Concise Dictionary of Chinese, the linguist Yuen Ren Chao and the historian Yang Lien-sheng, were famous Chinese-American scholars who worked in Harvard University wartime Chinese language programs for the War Department. Chao was a visiting professor at Harvard from 1941 to 1946, while Yang entered the graduate program in 1940, and received an M.A. in 1942 and Ph.D. in 1946. At the beginning of World War II, the shortage of Chinese and Japanese bilingual dictionaries became

    The Concise Dictionary of Spoken Chinese comprises approximately 5,000 single-character head entries, collated by radical-and-stroke and numbered according to the 214 Kangxi radicals. The twelve most frequent radicals are given at the bottom of the pages for the dictionary user to memorize. "To insure further the finding of the characters, the authors have entered each character under all its apparently possible radicals and made a cross reference to the main entry". For instance, 魯 luu ...

    Most reviewers have praised the Concise Dictionary of Spoken Chinese, while some have been critical. The co-author Lien-Sheng Yang responded to DeFrancis' and Simon's reviews in a 1949 article about free and bound morphemes in Chinese. The Chinese linguist Luo Changpei describes the dictionary as "unprecedented in the history of Chinese-European lexicography since its beginnings" in the early 17th century. Luo lists three unique features of the dictionary, combining six of the eight given by Cha

    • Lo Cha'ang-p'ei, Yuen Ren Chao, Lien Sheng Yang
    • xxxix, 292
    • 1947
    • 1947
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    The ABC Chinese–English Dictionary or ABC Dictionary, compiled under the chief editorship of John DeFrancis, is the first Chinese dictionary to collate entries in single-sort alphabetical order of pinyin romanization, and a landmark in the history of Chinese lexicography. It was also the first publication in the University of Hawai'i Press's "ABC" series of Chinese dictionaries. They republished the ABC Chinese–English Dictionary in a pocket edition and desktop reference edition, as...

    John DeFrancis was an influential American sinologist, author of Chinese language textbooks, lexicographer of Chinese dictionaries, and Professor Emeritus of Chinese Studies at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. After he retired from teaching in 1976, DeFrancis was a prolific author of influential works such as The Chinese Language: Fact and Fantasy and Visible Speech: The Diverse Oneness of Writing Systems. Victor H. Mair, a sinologist and professor of Chinese at the University of ...

    The ABC Dictionary includes 5,425 different Chinese characters and a total 71,486 lexical entries. The dictionary's most notable feature is being entirely arranged by pinyin in the alphabetical order of complete compound words. For example, kuàngquán 矿泉 "mineral spring" immediately precedes kuángquǎnbìng 狂犬病 "rabies", which in turn immediately precedes kuàngquánshuǐ 矿泉水 "mineral water", even though the first and last words begin with the same character and the middle ...

    Reviews of DeFrancis' ABC Chinese–English Dictionary were published by major academic journals in linguistics, Asian studies, and sinology. Most reviewers criticized certain aspects, such as the difficulty of looking up a traditional Chinese character, but also highly evaluated the innovative dictionary. Here are three representative examples of praise: "the most extraordinary Chinese–English dictionary I have ever had such pleasure to look Chinese words up in and to read their English ...

  7. Great Dictionary of Modern Chinese Dialects - Wikipedia › wiki › Great_Dictionary_of_Modern

    The Great Dictionary of Modern Chinese Dialects (Chinese: 現代漢語方言大詞典; pinyin: Xiàndài Hànyǔ fāngyán dà cídiǎn) is a compendium of dictionaries for 42 local varieties of Chinese following a common format.

    • China
    • 6.6K
    • 現代漢語方言大詞典
    • 2002 (Jiangsu Educational Press)
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    Zhonghua Zihai is the largest Chinese character dictionary available for print, compiled in 1994 and consisting of 85,568 different characters.

    The Zhonghua Zihai consists of two parts; the first section consists of characters covered in earlier dictionaries, such as the Shuowen Jiezi, Yupian, Guangyun, Jiyun, Kangxi Dictionary and Zhonghua Da Zidian, which covers just under 50,000 individual characters. The second portion of the Zhonghua Zihai contains characters missed by previous dictionaries, as a result of manual error or due to lack of knowledge of such characters. Among these include complex characters hidden in old Buddhist text

    The foundation in which the compilation of characters was undertaken are as follows

    The previous character dictionary published in China was the Hanyu Da Zidian, introduced in 1989, which contained 54,678 characters. In Japan, the 2003 edition of the Dai Kan-Wa jiten has some 51,109 characters, while the Han-Han Dae Sajeon completed in South Korea in 2008 contains 53,667 Chinese characters. The Dictionary of Chinese Variant Form compiled by the Taiwan Ministry of Education in 2004 contains 106,230 individual characters, many being variants.

  9. Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity - Wikipedia › wiki › Biographical_Dictionary_of

    The Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity (BDCC) is a biographical dictionary which focuses on the lives of Chinese Christians and foreign Christian missionaries to China. It is published in both Chinese and English.

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    Mandarin Chinese or simply Mandarin (/ ˈ m æ n d ər ɪ n / (); simplified Chinese: 官话; traditional Chinese: 官話; pinyin: Guānhuà; literally: "speech of officials") is the language of government and education of the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, with the notable exceptions of Hong Kong and Macau where a local dialect of Chinese called Cantonese is more often used.

    Traditional Modern
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