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    19 hours ago · There are two hiragana pronounced ji (じ and ぢ) and two hiragana pronounced zu (ず and づ), but to distinguish them, particularly when typing Japanese, sometimes ぢ is written as di and づ is written as du. These pairs are not interchangeable. Usually, ji is written as じ and zu is written as ず. There are some exceptions.

    • Katakana

      The complete katakana script consists of 48 characters, not...

  2. 19 hours ago · 英语中的“Wikipedia”是「 wiki 」(一种可供多人 协同写作 的网络技术)和“encyclopedia”( 百科全书 )结合而成的 混成词 ,网站初期时仅以“ 中文Wikipedia ”为名,直到2003年10月21日,「Wikipedia」的 中文 名,经过13人讨论及投票后,确定为“ 维基百科 ...

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  4. 19 hours ago · Tangut is recorded in a Chinese-inspired logographic script, whose interpretation presents many difficulties, even though multilingual dictionaries have been found. [35] [36] Gong Hwang-cherng has compared Old Chinese, Tibetic, Burmese and Tangut in an effort to establish sound correspondences between those languages.

    • 79- (phylozone)
    • One of the world's primary language families
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    19 hours ago · 十干 は 甲 ・ 乙 ・ 丙 ・ 丁 ・ 戊 ・ 己 ・ 庚 ・ 辛 ・ 壬 ・ 癸 の10種類からなり、 十二支 は 子 ・ 丑 ・ 寅 ・ 卯 ・ 辰 ・ 巳 ・ 午 ・ 未 ・ 申 ・ 酉 ・ 戌 ・ 亥 の12種類からなっており、これらを合わせて 干支 と呼ぶ [1] 。. 十干十二支は 戦国時代 に ...

  6. Feb 4, 2023 · 나의 어머니는 이 못난 자식때문에 10년은 더 늙어셨습니다. 나의 몸은 더 안 좋아져 가족들과 헤어질 날이 점점 가까워지고 있었고, 마지막까지 가족들에게 해 줄 수 있는게 아무것도 없다는 것에 절망을 하고 있을무렵, 벽에 걸려 있는 달력이 눈에 들어왔습니다.

  7. 16 hours ago · As of Friday, the balloon was hovering over the central U.S. and moving eastward at an altitude of about 60,000 feet, according to the Pentagon. The big white balloon, which is expected to remain ...

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