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  1. In addition to the Philippines, the archipelago of a country has historically had numerous other names.. Ma-i.According to the Zhao Rugua's (趙汝适) book Zhu Fan Zhi (诸蕃志/諸蕃誌) written around the 13th century during the Song Dynasty, there was a group of islands found in southern South China Sea called Ma-i (麻 逸, Hokkien POJ: Mâ-i̍t, Mandarin Pinyin: Máyì).

  2. A variation on the game is an incorporated action according to the lyrics. An example is "Si Nena", a song about a girl named Nena, starting when she was born.The song progresses with her life story, (i.e. when she grew up, got married, got children, got old, died, and became a ghost).

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