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  1. Wikipedia is a compendium of the world's knowledge.If you know what you are looking for, type it into Wikipedia's search box. If, however, you need a bird's eye view of what Wikipedia has to offer, see its main contents pages below, which in turn list more specific pages.

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  3. 936 – Shi Jingtang was enthroned as the first emperor of the Later Jin by Emperor Taizong of Liao.; 1660 – At London's Gresham College, Robert Boyle, John Wilkins, Christopher Wren and other leading scientists founded a learned society now known as the Royal Society.

  4. An encyclopedia or encyclopaedia is a collection (usually a book) of information.Some are called "encyclopedic dictionaries". All encyclopedias were printed, until the late 20th century when some were on CDs and the Internet. 21st century encyclopedias are mostly online by Internet.

  5. A gramophone record (or just record) is a type of analog storage medium. It stores recorded music (or other sounds). It was popular during most of the 20th century. Gramophone records are played on a phonograph ("record player"). A gramophone record is a flat disk that is usually made of plastic.

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