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    Musicology is the scholarly analysis and research-based study of music. Musicology departments traditionally belong to the humanities, although some music research is scientific in focus. Some geographers and anthropologists have an interest in musicology so the social sciences also have an academic interest. A scholar who participates in musical research is a musicologist. Musicology traditionally is divided in three main branches: historical musicology, systematic musicology and ethnomusicolog

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    • Overview
    • Definitions and history
    • Relationship to music sociology
    • Criticisms of new musicology

    New musicology is a wide body of musicology since the 1980s with a focus upon the cultural study, aesthetics, criticism, and hermeneutics of music. It began in part a reaction against the traditional positivist musicology of the early 20th century and postwar era. Many of the procedures of new musicology are considered standard, although the name more often refers to the historical turn rather than to any single set of ideas or principles. Indeed, although it was notably influenced by feminism,

    New musicology seeks to question the research methods of traditional musicology by displacing positivism, working in partnership with outside disciplines, including the humanities and social sciences, and by questioning accepted musical knowledge. New musicologists seek ways to employ anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, gender studies, feminism, history, and philosophy in the study of music.

    New musicology is distinct from German music sociology in the work of Adorno, Max Weber and Ernst Bloch. Although some new musicologists claim some allegiance to Theodor Adorno, their work has little in common with the wider field of Adorno studies, especially in Germany. New musicologists frequently exhibit strong resistance to German intellectual traditions, especially in regard to nineteenth-century German music theorists including Adolf Bernhard Marx and Eduard Hanslick, and also the twentie

    Vincent Duckles writes, "As musicology has grown more pluralistic, its practitioners have increasingly adopted methods and theories deemed by observers to mark the academy as irrelevant, out of touch with 'mainstream values', unwelcoming of Western canonic traditions or simply incomprehensible. Paradoxically, such approaches have distanced music scholarship from a broad public at the very moment they have encouraged scholars to scrutinize the popular musics that form the backbone of modern mass

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    Musicology is the twenty-eighth studio album by American recording artist Prince. The album was given to concertgoers at his Musicology Tour , from March 27 to September 9, 2004, in North America. A digital release followed two days after his tour started on March 29, 2004.

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    Musicology is the scholarly study of music. It may also refer to: Musicology, a 2004 album by Prince "Musicology" (song), the title song from the Prince album Musicology Tour (also known as Musicology Live2004ever), a 2004 North American tour by Prince

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    This article was the subject of a Wiki Education Foundation-supported course assignment, between 16 January 2019 and 9 May 2019. Further details are available on the course page. Student editor(s): Emmybre.

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    • Jobs For 2020
    • Tenure-Track Faculty Positions, Ethnomusicology
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    • Tenure-Track Faculty Positions, Ethnomusicology and/or Musicology
    • Non-Tenure-Track Full-Time Faculty Positions, Musicology and/or Ethnomusicology
    • UK / Ireland Faculty Positions

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    Please add a row to the table and fill in the information under each heading if known or relevant. Use the following template for entries: 1. If an institution had multiple positions open this year, please indicate the position in parentheses. 2. For "Type of Position," please use "Full-time TT", "Full-time NTT," or "Part-time" 3. For ABDs, please only indicate a graduation year if you've already defended and submitted. 4. The table is easier to edit if you select the Visual Editor from the blue drop-down Edit menu at the top right.

    17 Aug 2019 - #Cardiff University: Lecturer Music (Darlithwyr Disglair)
    20 Aug 2019 - #University College Cork: Lecturer in Popular Music Studies
    01 Sep 2019 - #University of California, Davis: Full Time Postdoctoral Position in Ethnomusicology
    02 Sep 2019 - #University College Dublin: Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Folklore and Ethnology
    Canceled 4/20: University of Kentucky: Assistant Professor in Ethnomusicology/Musicology
    Paused 4/18: University of North Texas: Assistant Professor of Jazz History
    Paused 4/1: University of Florida: Assistant Professor in Musicology/EthnomusicologyUnpaused 4/3!
    Postponed 3/20: Rollins College: Visiting Assistant Professor, Musicology

    Note: in keeping with prior practice, "Jobs for 2020" shall be interpreted as covering jobs that fall into the 2019-2020 application cycle for jobs starting during the North American / UK 2020-2021 Academic Year. Although exact start times will vary, this will generally include any positions starting between January 2020 and April 2021, and can include such things as 1-term visiting professorships, temporary lecturer opportunities, etc. Listings accidentally placed here but belonging to a preceding or following academic year will be moved appropriately. In keeping with discussion on the previous year's wiki page, this listing welcomes postings about jobs from institutions around the world, including but not limited to: full-time tenure track faculty, full-time non-tenure track faculty, full-time community college faculty, and part-time/adjunct faculty appointments.(We do not currently post listings for part-time adjunct pools, only for specific part-time/adjunct positions.)

    Colorado College: Assistant Professor, Music (Ethnomusicology) FILLED: Name unknown

    1. Deadline: 30 October 2019 2. The Department of Music at Colorado College invites applications for a tenure-track position in ethnomusicology at the assistant professor level beginning August 2020. We seek candidates with a contemporary-topic focus, abreast of the latest methodological developments in the field, and open to integrative and collaborative teaching in a liberal arts environment. The candidate should be conversant with social, cultural, and structural elements of musical practi...

    Fordham University: Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology/Musicology (Latinx/Afro-Latinx Musics)

    1. Deadline: Review of applications will begin 11 October 2019 2. The Department of Art History and Music at Fordham University seeks a full-time tenure-track Ethnomusicologist / Musicologist at the rank of Assistant Professor, with a specialization in Afro-Latinx music, to begin in Fall 2020. 3. Responsibilities: The successful candidate will be responsible for advanced courses in ethnomusicology, and Latinx and Afro-Latinx musics, directed toward upper-level students in Music, Latin-America...

    Northwestern University: Open Rank Position in African Diasporic Performance

    1. Deadline: 15 December 2019 2. Tenure-track position in African Diasporic Performance 3. The Departments of African American Studies and Performance Studies at Northwestern University invite applications to fill an open rank tenured or tenure-track position in African Diasporic Performance to begin September 1, 2020. Applicants at the assistant level must possess or supply evidence that all requirements for the degree will be completed by August 1, 2020. 4. We seek a scholar with teaching a...

    Baruch College (CUNY): Assistant Professor - Music

    1. Deadline:22 January 2020 DEADLINE EXTENDED: 31 January 2020 2. FACULTY VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT: The music program at Baruch College, CUNY, seeks a promising scholar with a strong commitment to teaching, currently completing or having recently attained the Ph.D. in musicology, for a tenure-track position beginning Fall 2020. All degree requirements must be met by the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year. The rank is at the Assistant Professor level. 3. The faculty member will teach a varie...

    Columbus State University: Assistant Professor of Music (Musicology)

    1. Deadline: 16 September 2019 2. The Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University seeks an exceptional teacher of music history and promising scholar in musicology. This is a tenure-track position that will hold the academic rank of Assistant Professor. 3. Responsibilities: The successful candidate must teach music history survey courses for majors; teach upper level courses in music history-these may be cross-listed for graduate students and undergraduates; and teach a graduate semin...

    Lehman College (CUNY): Open Rank Professor of Musicology

    1. Deadline: 22 November 2019 2. Job Title: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or full Professor of Musicology – Department of Music, Multimedia, Theatre, and Dance 3. Job ID: 21223 4. Location: Lehman College 5. The Department of Music, Multimedia, Theatre, and Dance at Lehman College, City University of New York is conducting an open rank search for a dynamic faculty member with expertise in musicology beginning Fall 2020. The appointment will be at the rank of tenure-track Assistant...

    This section is for jobs that will accept applications from both musicologists and ethnomusicologists, even if the teaching duties are only in one or the other area.

    Beloit College: Visiting Assistant Professor of Music (Spring 2020) FILLED: Name unknown

    1. Deadline: Review begins immediately, posted 31 May 2019 2. Beloit College seeks a candidate trained in ethnomusicology or related fields to teach an introductory course in ethnomusicology in the spring semester of 2020. The successful applicant will have a Ph.D. (or be A.B.D.) in music and will be responsible for teaching an introduction to the ethical, musical, historical, and methodological concerns of the field of ethnomusicology. The course will be open to majors and non-majors who may...

    Binghamton University (SUNY): Visiting Assistant Professor in Musicology

    1. Deadline: 01 April 2020 2. The Binghamton University (State University of New York) Department of Music invites applications for a two-year Visiting Assistant Professorship in Musicology beginning in September 2020. This position begins Fall semester 2020 (9/1/2020) and runs through Spring semester 2022 (8/31/22), with the potential for renewal. We seek a colleague with the ability to engage students at the undergraduate and graduate levels in a broad array of courses. The successful candi...

    Brandeis University: Florence Levy Kay Fellow in Afro-Asian Diaspora Studies

    1. Deadline: 08 May 2020, but review begins immediately 2. Brandeis University invites applications for a two-year, non-renewable Florence Levy Kay Fellowship in Afro-Asian Diaspora Studies. 3. We seek a Fellow whose work focuses on the formation of Afro-Asian diasporas and/or explores the interconnections and interactions between members of African and Asian diasporas in any geographic or temporal setting. Scholars working in a wide range of fields, including but not limited to history, lite...

    Bangor University: Lecturer in Musicology

    1. Deadline: 31 May 2020 2. Applications are invited for the above permanent full-time post working in the School of Music, Drama and Performance. 3. Duties will include teaching and research duties in a field of musicology addressing 19th- and/or 20th-century music, in addition to further teaching duties in a range of musicological methodologies across the broad spectrum of Western music history. The post-holder will also contribute to the administrative and pastoral functions of the School....

    Cardiff University: Lecturer Music (Darlithwyr Disglair)

    1. Deadline: 17 August 2019 2. Lecturer Music (Darlithwyr Disglair) 3. “Darlithwyr Disglair” Scheme (“Bright” or “brilliant” in Welsh) 4. Our Darlithwyr Disglair development scheme for early career academics is a bespoke programme of innovative leadership training, peer-to-peer support and networking opportunities. It is designed to support early career academics wishing to pursue lecturer roles by giving them the opportunity to experience life as a full time university lecturer for 18 months...

    City University London: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Music

    1. Deadline: 15 September 2019 2. Reference Number: 60028366 3. Contract Duration: Permanent 4. Hours: Full-time 5. Salary Range (£): 37345 to 61618 6. Responsibilities: The Department is seeking to appoint an outstanding academic to a Lectureship or Senior Lectureship in Music. The appointed candidate will have an established record of world-leading or internationally excellent research and a strong commitment and capability to deliver high quality education. 7. Person Specification: Appoint...

  8. Ahmed Rebai - Wikipedia › wiki › Ahmed_Rebai

    Apr 28, 2021 · After obtaining his baccalaureate, he followed university studies at the Higher Institute of Music of Tunis, where he obtained a fundamental license in music and musicology in 2019. In 2020, it follows studies master. Career. His sources of inspiration are his uncle Saber Rebaï, but also Abdel Halim Hafez, Ali Riahi and Dhikra Mohamed.

  9. Musicology/Ethnomusicology 2018-19 - Academic Jobs Wiki › wiki › Musicology

    8.32 University of Tennessee, Knoxville: Lecturer, Musicology/Historical Musicology/Ethnomusicology (Deadline: 19 April 2019, review begins immediately & continues until filled) 8.33 University of Virginia: Research Associate and Lecturer in Music (Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship) (Deadline: 08 April 2019)

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    Overview. Prince's music career began when he signed a record deal with Warner Bros. Records in 1977 at 18 years of age. In 1978, he released his debut album, For You.He followed the release with Prince (1979), Dirty Mind (1980), and Controversy (1981), three albums that were certified platinum and shifted from For You's disco/soul route and instead blended New Wave, rock, pop, R&B, and funk ...

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