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    The term Albania is the medieval Latin name of the country. It may be derived from the Illyrian tribe of Albani (Albanian: Albanët) recorded by Ptolemy, the geographer and astronomer from Alexandria, who drafted a map in 150 AD which shows the city of Albanopolis located northeast of Durrës.

    • Albanian Language

      Albanian (/ æ l ˈ b eɪ n i ə n /; shqip, or gjuha shqipe,...

    • Ilir Meta

      Ilir Rexhep Meta (Albanian pronunciation: [iliɾ mɛta]; born...

    • Enver Hoxha

      Enver Hoxha (/ ˈ h ɒ dʒ ə / HOJ-ə, Albanian: [ɛnˈvɛɾ ˈhɔdʒa]...

    • Eliza Dushku

      Eliza Patricia Dushku (/ ˈ d ʊ ʃ k uː /; born December 30,...

    • Lek

      Commemorative coins. In 2001, 100 and 200 lekë were issued...

    • History of Albania

      The history of Albania forms a part of the history of...

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  3. Albanian alphabet - Wikipedia

    Also, the five Albanian writers of the 16th and 17th centuries (Gjon Buzuku, Lekë Matrënga, Pjetër Budi, Frang Bardhi and Pjetër Bogdani) who form the core of early Albanian literature, all used a Latin alphabet for their Albanian books; this alphabet remained in use by writers in northern Albania until the beginning of the 20th century.

  4. Albanian cuisine - Wikipedia

    The location of Albania in the western Balkan Peninsula and on the Mediterranean Sea has a large influence on Albanian cuisine. Many foods that are common in the Mediterranean Basin, such as olives, wheat, chickpeas, dairy products, fish, fruits and vegetables, are prominent in the Albanian cooking tradition.

  5. Albanian literature - Wikipedia

    Albanian literature stretches back to the Middle Ages and comprises those literary texts and works written in the Albanian language.It may also refer to literature written by Albanians in Albania, Kosovo and the Albanian diaspora particularly in Italy.

  6. Albanian mafia - Wikipedia

    The Albanian mafia or Albanian organised crime (Albanian: Mafia Shqiptare) are the general terms used for criminal organisations based in Albania or composed of ethnic Albanians. Albanian organised crime is active in Europe , North America , South America , and various other parts of the world including the Middle East and Asia.

  7. Albanians - Wikipedia

    While the exonym Albania for the general region inhabited by the Albanians does have connotations to Classical Antiquity, the Albanian language employs a different ethnonym, with modern Albanians referring to themselves as Shqip(ë)tarë and to their country as Shqipëria.

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    Albanian folk beliefs (Albanian: Besimet folklorike shqiptare) comprise the beliefs expressed in the customs, rituals, myths, legends and tales of the Albanian people.The elements of Albanian mythology are of Paleo-Balkanic origin and almost all of them are pagan.

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    Wikipedia Shqip është versioni shqip i Wikipedia-s, enciklopedisë së lirë. Ajo filloi më 12 tetor 2003 dhe sot përmban 79.920 artikuj.Wikipedia shqip e ka vendin e 72-të sipas listës së Wikipedia-ve.

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