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  1. The flag of the State of Vietnam was later also used by its successor the Republic of Vietnam, commonly known as South Vietnam. On 8 June 1969, the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam (Viet Cong) adopted a tricolor flag modelled from that of North Vietnam, which is the red half at the top, the blue half at the bottom, and a yellow star ...

  2. In 2019 Vietnam was the world's 22nd largest CO 2 emitter from fuel combustion and the 3rd largest in ASEAN. Vietnam is one of the top 10 countries with the most serious air pollution in the world. The level of unsafe particles is similar to that of large cities and industrial areas in China.

  3. Postal codes in Vietnam have five digits. [1] The exact postal code designated for local government areas, local post offices, government offices or embassies and consulates can be searched on National Postal Code Website .

  4. Vietnam played exhibition games in Andalusia against Spanish clubs during late February to early March 2019. 2021 World Cup: Second World Cup. The team qualified for the 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup after holding a draw with Lebanon in two-legged matches Asian play-off with a total score of 1–1 (Vietnam qualified because of the away goal rule).

  5. The Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross also known as the Vietnamese Gallantry Cross or Vietnam Cross of Gallantry (Vietnamese: Anh-Dũng Bội-Tinh) is a military decoration of the former Government of South Vietnam (Republic of Vietnam). The medal was created on August 15, 1950 and was awarded to military personnel, civilians, and Armed ...

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    Zuid-Vietnam zette echter een aanzienlijke verdediging op, en lanceerde zelfs een tegenaanval. Dit mocht echter niet baten en het zuidelijke leger bleef terrein verliezen. De Zuid-Vietnamese regering vroeg opnieuw hulp aan de Amerikanen, maar de Amerikaanse regering keurde geen tweede operatie in het land goed.

  7. On the night of 19 May 1968 the ammunition dump at Camp Evans was hit by People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) rockets and exploded causing a chain reaction and fire that lasted more than 12 hours and damaged or destroyed 124 aircraft rendering the 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division combat ineffective for a week until replacement aircraft arrived.

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