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  1. Jul 8, 2024 · Welcome to the English-language Wiktionary, a collaborative project to produce a free-content multilingual dictionary. It aims to describe all words of all languages using definitions and descriptions in English.

  2. Read Wiktionary in your language. 1,000,000+ entries. Kurdî. 100,000+ entries. Norsk. 10,000+ entries. 1,000+ entries.

  3. Jul 3, 2024 · Used in many idiomatic expressions and proverbs to refer to common objects, roles, or situations connected with something definite, as by analogy. square the circle; feel the pinch; beat around the bush; throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  4. Jun 2, 2024 · A reference work with a list of words from one or more languages, normally ordered alphabetically, explaining each word's meanings ( senses ), and sometimes also containing information on its etymology, pronunciation, usage, semantic relations, and translations, as well as other data. Synonyms: see Thesaurus: dictionary. Hypernym: wordbook.

  5. Jun 14, 2024 · Wiktionary is a multilingual dictionary (also thesaurus and phrase-book) and has distinctive content policies. Words must be attested and idiomatic (that is, words should be in use, and phrases should be commonly used idioms), and submissions should be neutral and verifiable.

  6. Jun 14, 2024 · English-language; of or pertaining to the language, descended from Anglo-Saxon, which developed in England. Those immigrants Anglicised their names to make them sound more English. 2020, Abi Daré, The Girl With The Louding Voice, Sceptre, page 187: Honest, honest, English is just a language of confusions.

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    Wiktionary (UK: / ˈ w ɪ k ʃ ən ər i / ⓘ, WIK-shə-nər-ee; US: / ˈ w ɪ k ʃ ə n ɛr i / ⓘ, WIK-shə-nerr-ee; rhyming with "dictionary") is a multilingual, web-based project to create a free content dictionary of terms (including words, phrases, proverbs, linguistic reconstructions, etc.) in all natural languages and in a number of ...

  8. Aug 12, 2023 · Welcome to Wiktionary in Simple English, an online dictionary that uses simpler words so it is easier to understand. We currently have 47,699 entries. Use the search box provided to find words in Wiktionary, or get any entry.

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    Gardiner considers the evidence too scanty to determine the exact meaning of this word, but suggests a possible association with ꜥꜥw (“to sleep”) and is ‘convinced that the word conveyed something a good deal more painful than mere “accusation”’.

  10. Jul 7, 2024 · From o /c, from N o /c, an abbreviation of Italian numero per cento(“number per hundred”). For the extension to Astraea, shift-5 on the keyboard for asteroid (5).

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