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  1. Windows NT - Wikipedia

    Windows NT is a family of operating system versions produced by Microsoft, the first version of which was released on July 27, 1993. It is a processor-independent, multiprocessing and multi-user operating system. The first version of Windows NT was Windows NT 3.1 and was produced for workstations and server computers.

    • 10.0.19042.789, (February 2, 2021; 1 day ago) [±]
    • July 27, 1993; 27 years ago, (as Windows NT 3.1)
  2. Taskbar - Wikipedia

    It appears in Windows 9x, Windows NT 4.0 and all its successors, except Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. The Quick Launch bar, introduced on Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 through the Windows Desktop Update for Internet Explorer 4 and bundled with Windows 95 OSR 2.5 Windows 98, contains shortcuts to applications.

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  4. Windows NT 4.0 - Wikipedia

    Windows NT 4.0, like previous versions of Windows NT before it and versions after it, is a fully 32-bit OS, while Windows 95 is a 16/32-bit hybrid OS. While providing much greater stability than Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 was less flexible from a desktop perspective.

    • Microsoft
    • July 31, 1996; 24 years ago
    • 4.0 SP6a with Post SP6a Security Rollup (Build 1381) / July 26, 2001; 19 years ago
    • IA-32, Alpha, MIPS, PowerPC
  5. Windows shell - Wikipedia

    Windows 8 and 10 utilize tiles in the start menu, allowing the user to display icons of different sizes, and arrange icons as the user chooses. Microsoft Store Metro-style apps can utilize live tiles, which are used to add visual effects and provide, for example, notifications for a specific app, such as Email notifications for Windows Mail.

  6. File Explorer - Wikipedia

    Overview. Windows Explorer was first included with Windows 95 as a replacement for File Manager, which came with all versions of Windows 3.x operating systems. Explorer could be accessed by double-clicking the new My Computer desktop icon, or launched from the new Start Menu that replaced the earlier Program Manager.

  7. Microsoft Windows version history - Wikipedia

    Windows NT version 3.51 was Microsoft's entry into this field, and took away market share from Novell (the dominant player) in the following years. One of Microsoft's biggest advances initially developed for Windows NT was a new 32-bit API, to replace the legacy 16-bit Windows API.

  8. Windows 10 editions - Wikipedia

    Windows 10X runs on the same NT kernel as desktop versions of Windows and shares the Windows Core OS with Windows 10, but does not use the user-mode architecture as Windows 10 and previous iterations of Windows NT do. As a result, features like Control Panel and legacy File Explorer have been removed in Windows 10X. [citation needed] IoT

  9. App Installer - Wikipedia

    App Installer is a software component of Windows 10, introduced in the 2016 Anniversary Update, used for the installation and maintenance of applications packaged in .appx or .appxbundle installation packages; they are loosely relational databases with an XML app manifest.

  10. App windows Icons - Free Download, PNG and SVG

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