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  1. Thank you for visiting the website of the Wood County Recorder. Here you will find many useful resources and information about the functions and requirements of the office. So please take a minute and browse the site to learn about this important county office. NOTICE OF INCREASED RECORDING FEES DUE TO LEGISLATIVE ACTION (HB166)

  2. JAMES P. MATUSZAK 1 Courthouse Square Bowling Green, OH 43402. Phone: 419-354-9140. Email: Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30-4:30

    • Real Estate Department
    • Uniform Commercial Code Department
    • Military Discharges
    • Living Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney For Health Care

    As mandated by more than 900 Sections of the Ohio Revised Code, the Recorder preserves and records our many citizens' legal rights as well as the heritage of Wood County. The Wood County Recorder's primary responsibility is to maintain the accurate chain of title to real estate by preserving, protecting, and archiving permanent records of transactions of all real property (includes recording of deeds, mortgages, and other pertinent records related to real estate).Documents presented for recording in the Wood County Recorder's Office MUST meet the following Ohio Revised Code Sections. 1. R.C. 317.11 requires the signature of any person, including a witness, who signs an instrument by which title to real estate of personal property of any interest therein or lien thereon, is conveyed, created, encumbered, assigned, discharged, canceled or otherwise disposed of to be legible or, if illegibly written, to be identified by an affidavit or by having the name legibly printed, typewritten or...

    The purpose of filing a financing statement is to "perfect" an interest in collateral involved in a secured transaction (it is a means by which a lender may protect its right to collateral that a debtor has used to secure a loan). A financing statement places a lien on personal property. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) was adopted by the Ohio General Assembly in 1961 and became effective in 1962. Amended Senate Bill 74 passed June 5, 2001 and became effective July 1, 2001, amended the code to read that ONLY REAL ESTATE FILINGS will be processed by the county recorder, all other filings will be processed by the Secretary of State.

    The Recorder's office has copies of Military Discharges dating back to the Civil War. On April 6th, 2009, SB248 made these discharges no longer a public record for a period of 75 years after the date of recording. Only an authorized party will be able to request a non-redacted copy of a discharge. The following is a list of authorized parties: 1. The person who is the subject of the discharge; 2. A county veterans service officer; 3. An attorney in fact, agent or other representative of the person who is the subject of the discharge; 4. A person authorized by a court; 5. An executor or administrator, or heir, if the subject of the record is deceased; 6. A funeral director; A person who is not an authorized party may only request to view or copy a redacted discharge. Please contact our office with any questions about this law or what documentation is needed to prove authorization for a non-redacted copy.

    Effective November 6, 1996, Living Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care can be recorded with the County Recorder. The act also authorizes a County Recorder, upon request, to distribute, free of charge, a copy of the printed form of the living will and a copy of the printed form of the durable power of attorney for health care. These forms are also available at this link in .pdf format: 1. For Living Will & Health Care Power of Attorney

  3. The recorder is responsible for maintaining real property records in Wood County. Recording Fees The fee to record and index a deed, mortgage, affidavit, agreement, annexation, easement, certificate of transfer, land contract, lease, mechanic's lien, partnership, trust document, or power of attorney is $34 for the first two pages.

  4. Search Indexes. Indexes of many of the documents held by the Wood County Recorder can be searched by using the application below. These indexes are: Geographic Index (Years 10/7/1985 to present) Deeds, Mortgages, Releases etc. Finance statement Index (Years 10/7/1985 to present) Deed Index (Years 1821 - 1893) Miscellaneous Index (Years 1821-1969)

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