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  1. An online tool for creating word search puzzles which can be played instantly or printed out. Free to use with no registration required.

  2. Make your own word search puzzles with the Word Search Maker! This easy-to-use tool allows you to provide your own word list and create custom word searches in minutes. You can then download and print them instantly, or play online the pre-made puzzles right away.

  3. Create your own word search puzzles with Discovery Education's Puzzlemaker. Create vocabulary quizzes or extra credit work in seconds for your classroom.

    • Make Your Word Search Puzzle as Complex Or Easy as You Want
    • Generate A Word Search Through Collaboration
    • Make Tests and Evaluations Less Stressful

    As a learning tool, a word search helps improve vocabulary, spelling, and pattern recognition skills. As a game, it’s a really fun way to pass the time. Combining these work-and-play functions can be a challenge. In addition, you need to consider the age and learning abilities of your students. Good thing Canva makes the job easier with its word se...

    Coming up with ice-breaker activities can feel like a task. So make things easier by collaborating with your fellow educators. Brainstorm(opens in a new tab or window)word search themes that can be used by different classes. Create customized word search templates together—one that can be easily modified in the future. Collaborating is easy when yo...

    Not all learners are great at taking quizzes(opens in a new tab or window); some might find it hard to think clearly under pressure. Apart from exams, puzzles can help you gauge students’ progress. For example, an occasional word search game can be an informal test of their vocabulary and spelling prowess. Introduce it as a fun and low-stakes quiz ...

  4. the online word search maker that creates interactive, embeddable and fully customizable word searches

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  6. Use our word search maker to create your custom word search. You can share a link to your puzzle or print it very easily. It's also playable on our website!

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