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  1. May 31, 2018 · Foods derived from genetically modified organisms are called genetically modified foods or GM foods. Basically, it’s any plant or animal that has been modified through genetic engineering. Well, of course, but, in reality, we’re not yet eating any animal modified in such ways. Animals eat genetically modified crops, but that’s as far as ...

  2. Genetically modified crops and food: pros and cons. ... Genetically modi ed crops and food: pros and cons. ... This is a proof that the adage that “we are what we eat” is not just .

  3. Moreover, to grow certain crops the cost is higher than the normal crops. Hence, there is profit in growing the GM crops. So, these are the pros and cons on the genetically modified food. There is no clear statement about the GM food. The debates carry on, till now. More research is needed in this field.

  4. Nowadays genetically modified food is widespread all over the world. While proponents of GM crops ensure that these foods are safe for human consumption and help to increase food supplies, others argue that their effects on health have not been studied long enough. Discuss the pros and cons of genetically modified foods, and give your own opinion.

  5. Aug 17, 2020 · Like all foods, GM foods/crops have pros and cons. One pro is that GM foods have helped produce more products such as “138 million tons of soybeans, 274 million tons of corn, 21.7 million tons of cotton lint, and 8 million tons of canola” between the years of 1996-2013 (Sivaji et al., 2020).

  6. Genetically modified foods have a longer shelf life. This improves how long they last and stay fresh during transportation and storage. Instead of relying on preservatives to maintain food freshness while it sits on a shelf, genetically modified foods make it possible to extend food life by enhancing the natural qualities of the food itself.

  7. Jun 04, 2019 · In one study, using a representative US sample, participants responded on a scale of 1 (don't care if foods have been genetically modified), 2 (willing to eat, but prefer unmodified foods), to 3 ...

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