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  1. ハイタニ | 格ゲープレイヤーWikiハイタニ

    ハイタニ SHINOBISM Gaming Team Fudoh所属のプロゲーマー。 格ゲー五神の一人。五神の中では最年少。 当時はこの呼び方が「そんな大それた存在じゃない」と嫌っていたが、現在は「光栄だ」と心境が変化してるらしい。

  2. Pokken Tournament Tier List DX - Nintendo Switch

    Jul 18, 2018 · Anyways, let’s get back to the Pokken tier list. It’ll make gathering Synergy Stones a much easier process in Ferrum Battles. You’ll need to be prepared and pick the best pokken Characters, if you want to effectively beat Shadow Mewtwo and your online foes.

  3. doa6 tier | Dead Or Alive 6 Fighter tiers Tier List ...

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  4. ssbb tier maker | Smash Ultimate Tier List Maker - Create ...

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  5. Street Fighter IV

    Feb 22, 2009 · I'm sorry but I will never like the 3d street fighter, much less the 3d kof games, is it just me who thinks this in wrong street fighter was a big part of my child hood, I bet none of you younger guys have even played street fighter 1 where Sagat was the boss of the game.

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  9. A Capcom e a Marvel precisam esquecer os planos para o futuro de Marvel vs Capcom Infinite e focar no presente. O impacto positivo do anúncio do jogo é algo do passado e agora deve-se pensar na negatividade que está em torno do game hoje e tentar apagar tudo isso com algo que os fãs queiram.

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