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  1. Col. Culling's Yaki-Mandu (Korean Egg Rolls) | Afternoon to ...

    Col. Culling’s Yaki-Mandu (Korean Egg Rolls) In 1976, my dad was stationed in Korea with his friend Mike Green. They met up years later again when we lived in Chicago, Illinois.

  2. Yakimondu . These Korean ... Fill the skillet with mandu, making sure that they do not touch. ... Get weekly recipe ideas, juicy pics, free delivery. Email. Subscribe now

  3. Authentic yaki mandu recipes - authentic yaki mandu recipe

    authentic yaki mandu recipes from the best food bloggers. authentic yaki mandu recipes with photo and preparation instructions

  4. Yaki-Mandu (Korean Egg Roll) - Edibly Asian

    Recipe produces party quantities which may be frozen {80 -100 egg rolls} Ingredients: 500 gm (~1 lb) ground beef or ground pork; 2 yellow onions, diced

  5. Korean Fried Dumplings -Yaki-Mandu (aka Mandoo)

    Aug 30, 2014 · Korean Fried Dumplings -Yaki-Mandu ... Through watching her in the kitchen I have learned to "eye measure" and have her recipes down to a science.

  6. This is a quick and easy recipe for meatless burgers. Tofu is blended with egg, ... 'Mandu' means 'dumpling' in Korean and Yaki Mandu (also known as Gun Mandu) ...

  7. Mandu (food) - Wikipedia

    Mandu are believed to have been first brought to Korea by Mongolians from Northern China in the 14th century during the ... Traditional Mandu Recipe,

  8. Recipes | Gina Chong

    Recipes *I recently changed the name of my website and am working on updating all of my links. In the meantime, ... Beef Yaki Mandu (Fried Dumplings)

  9. Gochugaru, Korean Hot Pepper Flakes 고추가루 | Crazy Korean...

    Browse recipes using Gochugaru, ... gochugaru (red chili flakes ... Dumpling (Beef, Pork and Kimchi), ManDu with Vegetarian Option. Pan-fried Tofu, ...

  10. How to Make Cucumber Kim Chi. Posted by Dr ... of cucumber in this recipe to create ... Army which is where I fell in love with KimChi and Yaki Mandu!