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  1. Wikipedia:User pages - Wikipedia


    User pages are administration pages in the User and User talk namespaces, and are useful for organizing and aiding the work users do on Wikipedia, and facilitating interaction and sharing between users.

  2. Wikipedia:Talk page guidelines - Wikipedia


    No meta: Extended meta-discussions about editing belong on noticeboards, in Wikipedia-talk, or in User-talk namespaces, not in Article-talk namespace. Be positive : Article talk pages should be used to discuss ways to improve an article; not to criticize, pick apart, or vent about the current status of an article or its subject.

  3. User talk:Fr33kman - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...


    This is a Wikipedia user talk page. If you find this page on a site that is not Wikipedia, you are viewing a mirror site. The page may be old and the owner of this page may not have a relationship with sites that are not Wikipedia.

  4. User talk:EVula - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...


    The Simple English Wikipedia has 150,000 pages, with the creation of ‎User talk:Mynameinc by RubiksMaster110. The Simple English Wikipedia has 57,000 articles , with the creation of Bispham, Blackpool by Pmlinediter .

  5. User talk:Rua - Wiktionary


    I just wanted to turn your attention to this page that was created by an anonymous user. As I'm not a moderator or administrator, I've never known how to propose a page be deleted (I left a message on the talk page but so far nobody's seen it).

  6. User talk:Mnemosientje - Wiktionary


    However, you can host it elsewhere and put a link to it on your user page if you think people might benefit from it (personally I have no need for it, since I'm satisfied with my current level of Gothic proficiency, but others might).

  7. User talk:Kelvin Samuel - Wikinews, the free news source


    User talk:Kelvin Samuel. ... Wiki projects work because a sense of community forms around the project. Although writing news is far more individualistic than contributing to Wikipedia, the free ...

  8. Help talk:User style - Wikipedia


    This page is within the scope of the Wikipedia Help Project, a collaborative effort to improve Wikipedia's help documentation for readers and contributors.If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks. To browse help related resources see the Help Menu or Help Directory.

  9. User talk:Denniss - Wikimedia Commons


    Can you please indef block User:Miamiguy100 and User:Hawaii to Florida, and revoke both their talk page access and email (as per other IPh95 sock block settings)? As you can see here on Wikipedia [12] [13] , the accounts are both sockpuppets of IPhonehurricane95, yet these accounts are unblocked on Commons.

  10. User talk:Arcorann - Touhou Wiki - Characters, games ...


    Welcome to Touhou Wiki! Please enjoy your stay, and we wish you many successful edits. Check out the most Recent changes to the Wiki, for a good idea on current editing work. Questions? You can ask at the central discussion page or on the talk page associated with each article, or post a message on my talk page.You can also chat with us directly on IRC in #touhouwiki, at irc.ppirc.net