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  1. Poisonous Plants | ASPCA

    Find out which plants are poisonous to dogs, cats and horses. Common toxic plants include sago palms, lilies, azaleas and tulips.

  2. Toxic and Non-Toxic Plant List - Dogs | ASPCA

    Toxic and Non-Toxic Plant List - Dogs. Plants Toxic to Dogs. African Wonder Tree () | Scientific Names: Ricinus communis | Family: Alocasia (Elephant's Ear) | Scientific Names: Alocasia spp. Amaryllis (Many, including: Belladonna lily, Saint Joseph lily, Cape Belladonna, Naked Lady) | Scientific Names: Amaryllis spp.

  3. Common Backyard Plants That Are Poisonous to Dogs

    Some of the plant specimens poisonous to dogs that follow are also known for having large leaves, such as castor beans and the aptly-named "elephant ears." By contrast, bird of paradise and angel's trumpet are grown for their sensational blossoms.

  4. 37 Common Plants That Are Poisonous to Dogs

    The jade plant – also known as the rubber plant – is part of the Crassulaceae family, and all the plants in this family are poisonous to dogs. Consuming this plant causes vomiting, lethargy, abdominal pain, weakness, and depression.

  5. Poisonous Plants For Dogs: Protect Your Pooch

    Geranium: All varieties of this common container plant are poisonous to dogs. The symptoms include lethargy, low blood pressure, skin rashes, and loss of appetite.

  6. Top 13 Most Poisonous Plants for Dogs | Simple Wag

    Top 13 Most Poisonous Plants for Dogs 1. English Ivy. 2. Aloe Vera. 3. Dumb CaneDieffenbachia. 4. Philodendron. 5. Elephant Ear. 6. Sago Palm. 7. Yew. 8. Castor Bean Plant. 9. Autumn Crocus. 10. Azalea. 11. Daffodils. 12. Tulips. 13. Oleander.

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  7. Poisonous Plants For Dogs: Save Your Dog's Life & Get Rid Of ...

    Plants & Flowers Poisonous To Dogs The following plants and flowers shouldn’t be around dogs because of the side effects they cause. Some can be lethal, so be cautious and remove these plants from your home and keep them out of your flower beds and garden to keep your dog safe.

  8. Plants Poisonous To Dogs And Plants Non Toxic To Dogs - Petmoo

    Plants Poisonous To Dogs List 1. Azalea. You can call this spring blooming plant as "deadly" because it leads to death in severe... 2. Autumn Crocus. It is an autumn-blooming, ornamental plant. 3. Lily of the Valley. A pretty plant, it is fatal to your dog as it contains... 4. Sago Palm. This ...

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