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    College rock (sometimes conflated with " jangle pop ") was the alternative rock music played on student-run university and college campus radio stations located in the United States and Canada in the 1980s. The stations' playlists were often created by students who avoided the mainstream rock played on commercial radio stations.

    • Late 1970s; United States, Canada
    • Jangle pop
  2. College (30 Rock) - Wikipedia

    College (30 Rock) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia " College " is the eighth episode of the fifth season of the American television comedy series 30 Rock, and the 88th overall episode of the series. It was directed by producer Don Scardino, and written by Josh Siegal and Dylan Morgan.

    • November 18, 2010
    • Josh Siegal & Dylan Morgan
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  4. Talk:College rock - Wikipedia

    This article begins by stating "college rock is a term that was used in the United States to describe 1980s alternative rock before the term 'alternative' came into common usage." However, it appears the term "college rock" came into use concurrently with the term "alternative rock".

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    Dwayne Douglas Johnson (born May 2, 1972), also known by his ring name the Rock, is an American-Canadian actor, producer, businessman, retired professional wrestler, and former American football and Canadian football player. He wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, later WWE) for eight years prior to pursuing an acting career.

  6. College rock - Wikipedia

    U college rock è nu termìni natu na li Stati Uniti dâ Mèrica, pi definiri lu rock alternativu di li anni uttanta, prima ca u termìni “alternative” divintassi di usu comuni. Storia. U gèniri fu accussì chiamatu picchì era trasmessu principalmenti nnè stazioni radio di college e universitati.

  7. College rock - Wikipedia

    El términu college rock usar n'Estaos Xuníos pa describir el rock alternativu de 1980, primero que'l términu "alternativu" entrara nel usu común.Desempéñense principalmente nes radios universitaries, con bandes que combinen la esperimentación del rock alternativu y new wave con un estilu musical más cercanu al pop y una sensibilidá underground.

  8. Bard College at Simon's Rock - Wikipedia's_Rock

    Bard College at Simon's Rock (more commonly known as Simon's Rock) is a residential liberal arts college in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. It is a unit of Bard College, which was founded in 1860 and is located nearby, in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York.

  9. College Rock Music Genre Overview | AllMusic

    Essentially, college rock is the (largely) alternative music that dominated college radio playlists from the rise of alternative rock (circa 1983-84) through the '80s. Most college rock was born in the confluence of new wave, post-punk, and early alternative rock.

  10. Augustana College (Illinois) - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Augustana College is a private Lutheran liberal arts college in Rock Island, Illinois. The college enrolls approximately 2,500 students. Covering 115 acres (46.5 ha) of hilly, wooded land, Augustana is adjacent to the Mississippi River.

  11. Alternative rock - Wikipedia

    Throughout the 1980s, alternative rock remained mainly an underground phenomenon. While on occasion a song would become a commercial hit or albums would receive critical praise in mainstream publications like Rolling Stone, alternative rock in the 1980s was primarily featured on independent record labels, fanzines, and college radio stations.