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  1. North Brabant - Wikipedia › wiki › North_Brabant North Brabant ( / ˈbræbənt /; Dutch: Noord-Brabant, pronounced [ˌnoːrd ˈbraːbɑnt] ( listen); Brabantian: Noord-Braobant ), also unofficially called Brabant, is a province in the south of the Netherlands. It borders the provinces of South Holland and Gelderland to the north, Limburg to the east, Zeeland to the west, and ...

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    North Brabant (Dutch: 'Noord-Brabant') is a province of the Netherlands. It is in the south of the country. It is bordered by Belgium in the south, the Meuse River (Maas) in the north, Limburg in the east and Zeeland in the west. See Google maps. Its capital is 's-Hertogenbosch. The largest city is Eindhoven.

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  4. List of cities, towns and villages in North Brabant - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_cities,_towns_and

    This is a list of cities, towns and villages in the province of North Brabant, in the Netherlands.

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    North Brabant (Dutch: Noord-Brabant, [ˈnʊːrt ˈbraː.bɐnt] ()), maistly cried Brabant, is a province o the Netherlands, locatit in the sooth o the kintra, bordered bi Belgium in the sooth, the Meuse River (Maas) in the north, Limburg in the east an Zeeland in the wast.

  6. Provincial Council of North Brabant - Wikipedia › wiki › States_of_North_Brabant

    Provincial Council of North Brabant. The Provincial Council of North Brabant ( Dutch: Provinciale Staten van Noord-Brabant ), also known as the States of North Brabant, is the provincial council of North Brabant, Netherlands. It forms the legislative body of the province. Its 55 seats are distributed every four years in provincial elections .

    • 55
    • Ina Adema (VVD)
  7. Altena, North Brabant - Wikipedia › wiki › Altena,_North_Brabant
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    Altena is a municipality in the Netherlands, on a river island in the very north of the province of North Brabant, bordering the provinces of Gelderland and South Holland. Nearby cities are Dordrecht in the west, Gorinchem in the north, and Waalwijk in the south. Approximately 56,000 people are living on a surface of about 201 km², making Altena the largest municipality of North Brabant in terms of land area.

    The municipality was formed on 1 January 2019, by the merger of the municipalities of Aalburg, Werkendam, and Woudrichem. Aalburg was only a municipality, Werkendam and Woudrichem are also population centres. Werkendam is the largest town, and the small city of Woudrichem the historical centre of Altena. The village of Almkerk serves as the municipal seat and lies in the middle of the municipality. Altena can be characterized as a rural community with population centres mainly concentrated along

    The municipality of Altena officially has 1 city, 18 villages, and 27 hamlets. However, many villages have the size of a hamlet, and Werkendam and Woudrichem are to be considered a town in size, the latter one also has city rights. City

    Dutch topographic map of the municipality of Altena, 2020

    Altena is accessible by bridges and ferries. Important bridges are the northern Merwede Bridge and the southern Keizersveer Bridge. Both bridges are part of motorway A27, which crosses the municipality from north to south. A car ferry in the very western part connects the city of Dordrecht with Altena. Nearest railway station is Gorinchem railway station in the municipality of Gorinchem, above Altena on the other side of the Boven Merwede river.

    Altena is the southernmost part of the Dutch Water Line, an obsolete defensive line, which contains several fortresses in this municipality like Fort Steurgat, Fort aan de Uppelse Dijk, and Fort Giessen, and with Woudrichem as a fortified city. Contrary to most other North Brabant municipalities, Protestantism is dominant in the Altena municipality, especially the Calvinist branch. Church attendance is high, and Christian oriented political parties receive many votes.

  8. Willemstad, North Brabant - Wikipedia › wiki › Willemstad,_North_Brabant

    Willemstad is a city in the Dutch province of North Brabant. It is located in the municipality of Moerdijk. Its population as of 2019. was 3,125. Willemstad is a small historical town with well preserved fortifications. It lies on the Hollands Diep, close to the Haringvliet and Volkerak.

  9. Mill, North Brabant - Wikipedia › wiki › Mill,_North_Brabant

    Mill, North Brabant. /  51.68667°N 5.78083°E  / 51.68667; 5.78083. Mill is a village in the Dutch municipality Mill en Sint Hubert, in the province of North Brabant. Mill is known from the Battle of Mill, a two-day fight during the German invasion of the Netherlands in 1940. On 1 January 2006, Mill had 6,049 inhabitants and was the ...

  10. Flag of North Brabant - Wikipedia › wiki › Flag_of_North_Brabant

    The flag of North Brabant ( Dutch: vlag van Noord-Brabant or Brabants Bont) consists of a chequy pattern with 24 distinct fields in the colours red and white or gules and argent. The flag has been used since the Middle Ages, but fell into disuse in the 18th century.

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