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  1. Charles Bridge (Czech: Karlův most [ˈkarluːf ˈmost] (listen)) is a medieval stone arch bridge that crosses the Vltava (Moldau) river in Prague, Czech Republic. Its construction started in 1357 under the auspices of King Charles IV, and finished in the early 15th century.

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  3. Charles Bridge - Wikipedia

    Charles Bridge (Czech: Karlův most [ˈkarluːf ˈmost] (listen)) is a medieval stone arch bridge that crosses the Vltava (Moldau) river in Prague, Czech Republic. Its construction started in 1357 under the auspices of King Charles IV, and finished in the early 15th century.

    • Stone
    • 515.8 metres (1,692 ft)
  4. Charles Bridge (Prague) - 2021 All You Need to Know BEFORE ...

    One of the most beautiful bridges in the world! The Charles bridge is a very nice bridge with two faces. During the day the bridge is very well attended and there are a lot of small showmen, for example you can be drawn in a funny way. But keep in mind, if you visit the bridge during the day you have to be very patient,

    • (72.3K)
    • Karluv Most, Prague, 11000, Bohemia
    • Do you need to book in advance to visit Charles Bridge?
      We recommend booking Charles Bridge tours ahead of time to secure your spot. If you book with Tripadvisor, you can cancel up to 24 hours before you...
    • What's the best way to see Charles Bridge?
      According to Tripadvisor travelers, these are the best ways to experience Charles Bridge: Best of Prague: City Walking Tour, Boat Cruise, and Typi...
    • What hotels are near Charles Bridge?
      Hotels near Charles Bridge: (0.10 mi) Archibald At The Charles Bridge (0.12 mi) Hotel U Zlatych Nuzek (0.13 mi) Most Romantic Apartment Prague TOP...
    • What restaurants are near Charles Bridge?
      Restaurants near Charles Bridge: (0.07 mi) Kampa Park (0.10 mi) Hergetova Cihelna (0.12 mi) Bakeshop Little Bakery (0.14 mi) Mlýnec Restaurant (0....
    • What attractions are near Charles Bridge?
      Attractions near Charles Bridge: (0.03 mi) Church of St. John of Nepomuk on the Rock (0.03 mi) St. John of Nepomuk Statue (0.12 mi) Old Town Bridg...
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    • The Charles Bridge - Prague, The Czech Republic
  5. Charles Bridge - Masterpiece of Medieval Architecture in ...

    Charles Bridge Charles Bridge (in Czech: Karlův most) is an iconic landmark in the very centre of Prague. The bridge crosses the Vltava river and connects the Old Town (Staré Město) with the Lesser Side (Malá Strana). It is not the oldest Czech bridge, because this title goes to the Stone Bridge in the town of Písek in South Bohemia.

  6. Charles Bridge | Prague, Czech Republic Attractions - Lonely ...

    Strolling across Charles Bridge is everybody’s favourite Prague activity. However, by 9am it’s a 500m-long fairground, with an army of tourists squeezing through a gauntlet of hawkers and buskers beneath the impassive gaze of the baroque statues that line the parapets.

  7. Top 10 facts about the Charles Bridge - Discover Walks Blog
    • Charles Bridge is the oldest bridge crossing Vltava River. Charles Bridge is not the oldest bridge in the country (it’s actually the second oldest), however it is the oldest bridge built across the Vltava River.
    • Charles Bridge, Stone Bridge or Prague Bridge? Even though you might be under the impression that we always used the name Charles Bridge, it is not quite so.
    • Charles Bridge is protected by 3 towers. As you may have noticed, the bridge is not just a simple bridge that crosses the river. There are 3 towers that ‘protect’ it.
    • The important significance of July 9, 1357; 5:31am. You might be aware that the astrology and numerology played a very important role in noble’s lives in medieval times.
  8. Charles Bridge: Visitors Guide — LAIDBACK TRIP

    Nov 13, 2019 · Charles Bridge is 516 meters long and 10 meters wide stone bridge across the Vltava River that connects two popular Prague districts, the Old Town and Lesser Town. The well-worn cobblestone bridge is one of the most famous sights and landmarks in Prague, and you shouldn't miss it out while exploring the capital of the Czech Republic.

  9. Charles Bridge, Prague - My Czech Republic

    Charles Bridge is a stone Gothic bridge that connects the Old Town and Lesser Town (Malá Strana). It was actually called the Stone Bridge (Kamenný most) during its first several centuries. Its construction was commissioned by Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and began in 1357.

  10. Charles Bridge in Prague: 5 Things You Need to Know in 2019
    • Introduction
    • History and Legends of Charles Bridge
    • Charles Bridge Legends
    • Significant Components & Statues
    • Location, Map, Opening Hours, Tickets & Entrance Fee

    The Czech Republic’s capital is full of amazing sights of great value. But Charles Bridge definitely belongs among the TOP 5 most amazing ones. Not only is this medieval building one of the most famous bridges in the world, but it is also inseparably connected to the most glamorous era of Prague and – last but not least – it just might be the most beautiful bridge in Europe. And we are not exaggerating at all…Charles Bridge is 516 meters long, 9.5 meters wide, 13 meters high, and stands on 15...

    Charles Bridge is the oldest bridge still standing over the Vltava river in Prague and the second oldest bridge in the Czech Republic. Charles IV had it built in 1357, after the previous bridge (“Judith Bridge”) had been destroyed by floods in 1342. The construction of the bridge was led by Peter Parler (“Petr Parléř” in Czech), the famous German-Czech architect, and it took almost half a century to finish it (It was completed in 1402). The bridge, formerly known as “Stone” or “Prague”, has o...

    Charles Bridge is built of sandstone blocks and it’s construction is surrounded by many interesting legends. According to one of those, the builders decided to strengthen the bridge by adding raw eggs into a mortar. Historians still has not come to any conclusive agreement whether it is true or not. But what is most likely a myth is the story being told – that there were not enough eggs in Prague, so that they were brought from every corner of the land and the inhabitants in one of the region...

    Charles Bridge, spanning the Vltava river with 16 pillars, is rich in statues and decorative lamps, and it catches the eye immediately with its beautiful Gothic bridge towers on both ends. You will find three tens of magnificent statues on the bridge, mounted in two rows. We could basically write a whole article on every single one of them, without becoming boring, since these art pieces all burst with their own stories and meaning. So let´s just briefly describe some of them…One of the most...

    Charles Bridge is not difficult to find at all. If you approach it from the side of the river, where the Prague Castle is, you can walk to it through “Mostecká” street, leading from the “Malostranské náměstí” Square. You can travel there by tram (to “Malostranské náměstí” tram station), or walk from Prague Castle. On the other side, the bridge leads to the “Křížovnické” Square and then “Karlova” street – ending at the Old Town Square. The nearest tram station is “Karlovy lázně”.You can go to...

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