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  2. Lviv - Wikipedia

    A considerable scientific potential is concentrated in the city: by the number of doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences, scientific organisations Lviv is the fourth city in Ukraine. Lviv is also known for ancient academic traditions, founded by the Assumption Brotherhood School and the Jesuit Collegium.

    • 182.01 km² (70.27 sq mi)
    • 1240–1247
    • 296 m (971 ft)
    • Ukraine
  3. History of Lviv - Wikipedia

    Lviv was officially founded in 1256 by King Daniel of Galicia in the Ruthenian principality of Halych-Volhynia and named in honour of his son Lev. The toponym may best be translated into English as Leo's lands or Leo's City (hence the Latin name Leopolis). In 1261, the city was invaded by the Tatars.

  4. Lviv open to the World

    Lviv is a city with a special atmosphere, which more than half a century was ruled by the kings. This is city of coffee, a city of lions, a city of jazz, rain, chocolate, terraces and passionate tango.

  5. Lviv is one of the most important cities in Ukraine and the surrounding region. It is not a big city, amounting to approximately 724,000 people The city was part of Poland until 1939 when it became part of Ukraine.

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  6. Lviv is a city for holiday, where you can enjoy unique celebrations at any time of the year. Each year the city is being developed and continuously surprises by new and exciting activities. Lviv is also the city of exciting nightlife. With the coming of the evening the city turns into brightly illuminated fairy tale.

  7. Is Lviv the most underrated city In Europe? Why we love it.

    Lviv is a hilly city with a lot of parks. It’s a green city and you’re never far from nature or from views over the city. The geography adds to the relaxed vibe of the city. It’s a cosmopolitan city.

  8. Lviv City Card

    Lviv is one of Ukraine`s oldest and greatest cities, one that retains its historical and cultural charms.

  9. Old Town (Lviv) - Wikipedia

    The territory of the Lviv Historic Centre Ensemble covers 120 hectares (300 acres) of the Old Russ and Medieval part of the city, as well as the territory of the St. George’s Cathedral on St. George’s Hill. The buffer area of the Historic Centre, which is defined by the historic area bounds, is approximately 3,000 hectares (7,400 acres).

    • Ukraine
    • State Sanctuary
    • Lviv Oblast
    • Lviv
  10. Is Lviv Polish? - Quora

    Lviv throughout history has had both Ruthenian/Ukrainian and Polish influences. It was founded in 1250 by a Ruthenian duke, but was included in the Kingdom of Poland in 1349–1772, and then part of the Second Polish Republic in 1919–39.

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