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    Wiesbaden (German pronunciation: [ˈviːsˌbaːdn̩] ()) is a city in central western Germany and the capital of the federal state of Hesse.As of June 2020, it had 290,955 inhabitants, plus approximately 19,000 United States citizens (mostly associated with the United States Army).

    • Bierstadt

      Bierstadt is a borough of the city of Wiesbaden, capital of...

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    Wiesbaden a németországi Hessen szövetségi tartomány fővárosa és közel 300 000 lakossal Frankfurt am Main után a tartomány második legnagyobb városa a Majna folyó torkolatának közelében. Szűkebb értelemben vett vonzáskörzetének kb. 600 000 lakosa van.

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    Wiesbaden ist die Landeshauptstadt des Landes Hessen und mit seinen 15 Thermal-und Mineralquellen eines der ältesten Kurbäder Europas.. In der nach Frankfurt am Main zweitgrößten Stadt Hessens wohnten Ende 2019 rund 279.000 Menschen.

    • 203,93 km²
    • 117 m ü. NHN
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    Dotzheim is a western borough of Wiesbaden, capital of the state of Hesse, Germany. It is the second largest borough of the city by area and, with over 26,000 inhabitants the second-most populated of Wiesbaden's suburban boroughs. It was the largest village in the former Duchy of Nassau. The formerly independent village was incorporated into Wiesbaden in 1928.

    Dotzheim is located in the northwest of Wiesbaden. To the north and northwest are the wooded slopes of the Hochtaunus, or High Taunus Mountains. The primary peaks along its northern boundary are Hohe Wurzel and Schläferskopf. The Weilburger Tal, a valley complex formed by ...

    Dotzheim is bordered on the northwest by the municipality of Taunusstein and on the other sides by other boroughs of Wiesbaden. These are Klarenthal and Rheingauviertel to the northeast, Biebrich to the southeast, Schierstein to the south, and Frauenstein to the southwest.

    The oldest evidence of settlement in the Belzbachtal comes from five closely spaced Celtic stone box graves discovered in the area of Hohlstraße 3. The graves, made of uncut slabs of quartzite, are from the La Tène culture of the Late Iron Age - about 400 BC. There is also ...

    The population increased significantly in the 18th Century as many construction workers, involved in the development of the “spa city” of Wiesbaden, settled in Dotzheim. In 1889, Dotzheim was connected to the Langenschwalbacher railway and a thriving industrial and ...

    The coat of arms of Dotzheim consists simply of a black Latin letter “T.” This coat of arms was officially adopted in 1951 and approved by the City of Wiesbaden. The same coat of arms has appeared on all of the historic seals of the town. The oldest seal, with prints dating from 1551 and 1585, was adopted as the Counts of Nassau enforced their national sovereignty in the 16th Century. The meaning of the T is not known. Various theories are that it may represent the first letter of the ...

    Dotzheim has a varied cultural scene that helps to preserve its independence and identity despite decades of involvement in the larger entity of Wiesbaden. Annual events include "Dotzheimer Days", the Kohlheck Veranstaltungsprogramm, and the Dibbemarkt which takes place annually in September on the central Pfarrer-Luja-Platz. The Aartalbahn is a museum train which operates between the Dotzheim station and Hohenstein Castle. Other attractions are the rediscovered ancient Dotzheimer wine Judenkirs

    The first written mention of the Dotzheimer church comes from the year 1128. In 1569, the country's Lord, Count Philipp von Nassau-Idstein, introduced the first Protestant pastor to Dotzheim. Catholics from Dotzheim, whose existence has been documented since 1696, could only wors

    There are five Protestant churches in Dotzheim. These are the central village church on the Roemergasse, the Dreikoenigsgemeinde in Freudenberg, the Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche in Kohlheck, the Erlösergemeinde in Sauerland, and the community church of Schelmengraben. Dotzheim is ...

    • 18.27 km² (7.05 sq mi)
    • Germany
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    Wiesbaden, pronunțat [vis-ba-dăn], este capitala landului federal german Hessa (în germană: Hessen). Ca număr de locuitori Wiesbaden este pe locul doi în Hessa, după Frankfurt pe Main. Wiesbaden este unul din cele mai vechi orașe balneare din Europa, dispunând

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    • 26 cartiere
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    • 204.1 km²
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    Mitte is a borough of the city of Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany.With over 21,000 inhabitants, it is one of the most-populated of Wiesbaden's boroughs. It is located in the centre of the city.

    • 1.53 km² (0.59 sq mi)
    • Germany
  8. Lucius D. Clay Kaserne - Wikipedia

    Lucius D. Clay Kaserne (German: Flugplatz Wiesbaden-Erbenheim) (IATA: WIE, ICAO: ETOU), commonly known as Clay Kaserne, is an installation of the United States Army in Hesse, Germany. The kaserne is located within Wiesbaden-Erbenheim. It is named for General Lucius D. Clay.

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    SMS Wiesbaden was a light cruiser of the Wiesbaden class built for the Imperial German Navy (Kaiserliche Marine). She had one sister ship, SMS Frankfurt; the ships were very similar to the previous Karlsruhe-class cruisers. The ship was laid down in 1913, launched in January 1915, and completed by August 1915.

    • 23 August 1915
    • 145.30 m (476 ft 8 in)
    • 20 January 1915
    • 27.5 knots (50.9 km/h; 31.6 mph)
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    Wiesbaden är en kretsfri stad och huvudstad i den tyska delstaten Hessen och har cirka 280 000 invånare. Närmaste stad är Mainz, som ligger på den motsatta sidan av floden Rhen, medan Frankfurt am Main är belägen 30 kilometer österut.