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    What are the top 10 causes of stress?

    What are the things that cause you the most stress?

    What are the three major causes of stress?

    What are the five major sources of stress?

    • Work Stressors. We spend much of waking lives at work, so it is perhaps unsurprising that the workplace is a key source of stress. A survey published by the American Psychological Association in 2012 found that as many as 70% of Americans reported suffering from workplace stress.1.
    • Personal Appearance. Do you worry about spots, wrinkles, weight or balding? If you do, you are in good company. Concerns over our personal appearance can have an exaggerated effect on people’s confidence and their self image.
    • Social. The pressure to conform and be seen to succeed in everyday life can encourage stress, and the aspiration towards ideals and success nurtured in the media can be unrealistic and unhelpful.
    • Competition. Despite the health-related drawbacks of experiencing stress, it can also impact our performance in more positive ways. The pressure we feel to meet a deadline, accomplish a goal or meet the demands of a schedule, for example, can motivate us to improve our performance.
  2. Mar 12, 2014 · The death of someone close to us is one of the most common causes of stress. Death of a spouse or of a family member is a difficult situation to face, causing long-term emotional distress. Stress is made even worse if a family is in debt and one of the spouses passes away, leaving the other worrying about finances on top of the grieving. 8. Divorce

    • Death in the family. The death of a family member or even a pet is recognized as the leading cause of stress. The age of the person plays a large factor in the amount of stress experienced, along with whether or not the family had time to prepare themselves prior to the loss of the person.
    • Divorce. Divorce is also rated high on the stress scale. While both men and women experience divorce differently, the stress of divorce stems from having to leave familiar surroundings, child custody issues, division of property and financial support.
    • Health. Your health is another major stress factor. A doctor’s appointment, having to go for tests, awaiting test results, or having an operation scheduled is enough to rattle anyone’s nerves.
    • Employment. The type of job you’re doing might also be the cause of significant stress. The more demanding the job, and the longer hours you work, the more stress your body experiences.
  3. While procrastination is common, if you do it too much it is going to cause stress. The best way to overcome this cause of stress is by planning your time well. Start working on any assignment immediately after you get it. Even if another one presents itself before you finish the first one, you will have cleared a significant part of it. 4.

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