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  1. May 08, 2022 · 36th century BC: 35th century BC: 34th century BC: 33rd century BC: 32nd century BC: 31st century BC: 3rd millennium BC · 3000–2001 BC 30th century BC: 29th century BC: 28th century BC: 27th century BC: 26th century BC: 25th century BC: 24th century BC: 23rd century BC: 22nd century BC: 21st century BC: 2nd millennium BC · 2000–1001 BC ...

  2. May 09, 2022 · Biblical battle between the Israelite Tribe of Benjamin and the other tribes of Israel, regarding the death of a concubine . c. 1280 BC. Battle of Kār Ištar. Assyrians defeat Babylonians. c. 1275 BC. First Battle of Alashiya. Hittite navy and army defeat the navy and army of the Kingdom of Alashiya in modern-day Cyprus.

  3. 3 days ago · 4th century BC: Traction trebuchet in Ancient China. 4th century BC: Gears in Ancient China; 4th century BC: Reed pens, utilising a split nib, were used to write, with ink, on Papyrus, in Egypt. 4th century BC: nailed Horseshoe, with 4 bronze shoes found in an Etruscan tomb. 375–350 BC: Animal-driven rotary mill in Carthage.

  4. May 01, 2022 · This page indexes the individual years pages.

  5. Apr 30, 2022 · Historical earthquakes is a list of significant earthquakes known to have occurred prior to the beginning of the 20th century. As the events listed here occurred before routine instrumental recordings, they rely mainly on the analysis of written sources. There is often significant uncertainty in location and magnitude and sometimes date for ...

  6. May 09, 2022 · e. Roman–Germanic wars. This is a chronology of warfare between the Romans and various Germanic tribes between 113 BC and 596 AD. The nature of these wars varied through time between Roman conquest, Germanic uprisings and later Germanic invasions in the Roman Empire that started in the late second century BC.

  7. May 03, 2022 · Some of the most recognised sporting events in the world today are multi-sport events – the Asian Games, the Commonwealth Games, the Pan American Games and the Mediterranean Games – among others. This article lists all major multi-sport events, whether defunct or functioning, in the modern day.

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