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  1. Charles IV (18/19 June 1294 – 1 February 1328), called the Fair (le Bel) in France and the Bald (el Calvo) in Navarre, was last king of the direct line of the House of Capet, King of France and King of Navarre (as Charles I) from 1322 to 1328. Charles was the third son of Philip IV; like his father, he was known as "the fair" or "the handsome".

  2. Charles IV, (born 1294—died Feb. 1, 1328, Vincennes, Fr.), king of France and of Navarre (as Charles I) from 1322, the last of the direct line of the Capetian dynasty; his inglorious reign was marked by his invasion of Aquitaine and by political intrigues with his sister Isabella, wife of King Edward II of England.

  3. Charles IV the last French king of the old Capetian line. He was crowned King of France in 1322 at the cathedral in Reims . Charles invaded Aquitaine, thus renewing the war with England. However, the peace of 1327 was the great triumph which gave him a generous land settlement and 50,000 marks.

  4. With the death of Charles IV (reigned 1322–1328), the throne passed to the House of Valois, descended from a younger brother of Philip IV. Royal power would pass on, in 1589, to another Capetian branch, the House of Bourbon, descended from the youngest son of Louis IX (reigned 1226–1270).

  5. Dec 6, 2019 · June 18, 1294 – February 1, 1328 Charles IV of France was never expected to be king. When his father, King Philip IV, died at the age of 46 on November 29, 1314, the Capetian line of succession was very secure. Philip IV had left behind three sons: Louis, Philip, and Charles. As the eldest brother, Louis succeeded his father as Louis X.

  6. Apr 26, 2022 · Charles "le Bel" Capet, roi de France: Also Known As: "Charles IV King of France", ""The ...

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    Charles IV may refer to: Charles IV of France (1294–1328), "the Fair". Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor (1316–1378) Charles IV of Navarre (1421–1461) Charles IV, Duke of Anjou (1446–1481) Charles IV, Duke of Alençon (1489–1525) Charles, Duke of Vendôme (1489–1537), also known as Charles IV de Bourbon. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor ...

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