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  1. Joan I (14 January 1273 – 31 March/2 April 1305) (Basque: Joana) was Queen of Navarre and Countess of Champagne from 1274 until 1305; she was also Queen of France by marriage to King Philip IV. She founded the College of Navarre in Paris in 1305. Joan never ruled Navarre, it being overseen by French governors.

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      Isabella of France (c. 1295 – 22 August 1358), sometimes...

  2. Joan I, byname Joan of Navarre, French Jeanne de Navarre, (born January 14, 1273, Bar-sur-Seine, France—died April 2, 1305, Vincennes), queen of Navarre (as Joan I, from 1274), queen consort of Philip IV (the Fair) of France (from 1285), and mother of three French kings—Louis X, Philip V, and Charles IV.

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  3. Joan I was a female monarch who ruled as the queen regnant of Navarre from 1274 until 1305. She the only living child and the rightful heir of King Henry the Fat, commonly known as Henry I of Navarre. Joan I became the queen consort of France after her marriage with Philip IV of France.

  4. Joan of Navarre, French Jeanne de Navarre, (born c. 1370—died July 9, 1437, Havering atte Bowe, Essex, Eng.), the wife of Henry IV of England and the daughter of Charles the Bad, king of Navarre. In 1386 Joan was married to John IV (or V), duke of Brittany; they had eight children.

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  5. Jeanne Ire de Navarre (née le 14 janvier 1273 à Bar-sur-Seine, Champagne - morte le 2 avril 1305 à Vincennes, France), princesse de la maison de Champagne, fut reine de Navarre de 1274 à 1305 et reine … Activities Heritage Learn about Joan I of Navarre's homeland. Traditional Dress Put your face in a costume from Joan I of Navarre's homelands.

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  6. Nov 9, 2015 · Joan I of Navarre was born on 14 January 1273 as the daughter of Henry I of Navarre and Blanche of Artois. She was their second child, and she had an elder brother Theobald, who cannot have been more than a toddler when he died from a fall from a castle window. Her father Henry died a year and a half after her birth, supposedly from gluttony.

  7. Dec 9, 2021 · Joan of Navarre: The Seemingly Normal Queen You rarely hear of a woman who was able to rule a kingdom in her own right during the high middle ages. Queen Matilda lost her crown in England, while Urraca of Leon’s ex-husband was occupying her lands. There was one woman who managed to keep control of her kingdom: Queen Joan I of Navarre.

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