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    Clay LaVergne Shaw (March 17, 1913 – August 15, 1974) was a businessman and military officer from New Orleans, Louisiana.Shaw is best known for being the only person brought to trial for involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

  2. Clay Shaw was born Laverne C. Shaw, on March 17, 1913, in Kentwood, Louisiana, USA, to Alice and Glaris Lenora Shaw. He was raised as the only child in the family and was born near Mississippi border. His father served as a United States Marshal. When he was 5 years old, the family moved to New Orleans and Clay spent rest of his growing up ...

  3. Indeed Clay Shaw was not just a dandy hanging out in the French Quarter. He was an extremely intelligent guy who had marvelous organizational skills which he honed in New York City and Europe. In New York City he worked for the Lee Keedick Agency which is a lecture agency. Clay Shaw's job was to organize lectures for the elite and important.

  4. Mar 21, 2018 · Clay Shaw was a highly respected businessman and decorated World War II hero from New Orleans. A pillar of the city’s economic growth, Shaw was instrumental in creating New Orleans’ World Trade Center in the late 1940s after the war ended.

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    Shaw was honorably discharged from the United States Army as a major in 1946. He served as secretary to the General Staff and was decorated by three nations: the United States with the Legion of Merit and Bronze Star, by France with the Croix de Guerre and named Chevalier de l'Ordre du Merite, and by Belgium named Chevalier of the Order of the Crown of Belgium. After World War II Shaw helped start the International Trade Mart in New Orleans which facilitated the sales of both domestic and imported goods. He was known locally for his efforts to preserve buildings in New Orleans' historic French Quarter.

    New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison prosecuted Clay Shaw on the charge that Shaw and a group of right-wing activists, including David Ferrie and Guy Banister, were involved in a conspiracy with elements of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the John F. Kennedy assassination. Garrison arrested Shaw on March 1, 1967. Garrison believed that Clay Shaw was the man named as "Clay Bertrand" in the Warren CommissionReport. Garrison said that Shaw used the alias "Clay Bertrand" among New Orleans' gay society.

    During the trial, which took place in January–February 1969, Garrison called insurance salesman Perry Russo[citation needed] as his main witness. Russo testified that he had attended a party at the apartment of anti-Castro activist David Ferrie. At the party, Russo said that Lee Harvey Oswald (who Russo said was introduced to him as "Leon Oswald"), David Ferrie, and "Clem Bertrand" (who Russo identified in the courtroom as Clay Shaw) had discussed killing Kennedy.The conversation included plans for the "triangulation of crossfire" and alibis for the participants. Critics of Garrison argue that his own records indicate that Russo's story had evolved over time. A key source was the "Sciambra Memo," which recorded Assistant D.A. Andrew Sciambra's first interview with Russo. The memo does not mention an "assassination party," and it says that Russo met with Shaw on two occasions, neither of which occurred at the party. Sciambra blamed himself for leaving out the Shaw/Ferrie/Oswald party...

    Garrison later wrote a book about his investigation of Clay Shaw and the subsequent trial called On the Trail of the Assassins. In the book, Garrison states that Shaw had an "extensive international role as an employee of the CIA".Shaw denied any such connections. In 1979, Richard Helms, former director of the CIA, testified under oath that Clay Shaw had been a part-time contact of the Domestic Contact Service of the CIA, where Shaw volunteered information from his travels abroad, mostly to Latin America.By the mid-1970s, 150,000 Americans (businessmen, journalists, etc.) had provided such information to the DCS. In 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassinations stated in its Final Report that the Committee was "inclined to believe that Oswald was in Clinton [Louisiana] in late August, early September 1963, and that he was in the company of David Ferrie, if not Clay Shaw,"and that witnesses in Clinton, Louisiana "established an association of an undetermined nature between Ferri...

    Shaw died on August 15, 1974(1974-08-15) (aged 61) about 12:40 AM at his residence, 1022 St. Peter Street. The death certificate was signed by Dr. Hugh M. Batson, with the cause of death listed as metastaticlung cancer.

    Shaw was portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones in Oliver Stone's 1991 film JFK. Jones received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the role.

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  5. In Oliver Stone's JFK, Clay Shaw is a slimy, two-faced villain leading a Jekyll-and-Hyde existence: pillar of the community by day, pursuer of sexual perversions and murderer of presidents by night. Who was Clay Shaw? Clay Lavergne Shaw was born on March 17, 1913, in Kentwood, Louisiana, a small town near the Mississippi border, to Glaris and ...

  6. Clay L. Shaw is widely known, thanks to Oliver Stone, as someone who was complicit in the assassination of President Kennedy. In Stone’s movie, JFK, Shaw was played, by renowned actor Tommy Lee Jones, as an effeminate, fastidious, limp-wristed gay man who enjoyed homosexual orgies while watching films of the Hitler Youth engaged in exercise, as well as one of the architects of the 1963 JFK ...

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