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  1. 55 Regal Facts About Empress Elisabeth, The People’s Tragic Queen

    Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie was born on Christmas Eve, 1837 to Maximillian and Ludovika of Bavaria. The young royal had a far from normal childhood: Her father Maximillian was a notorious eccentric, and the little girl grew up in a chaotic environment that encouraged country horse rides over formal education.

  2. Elisabeth of Bavaria - Academic Kids

    Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie, Duchess in Bavaria and Princess of Bavaria (December 24, 1837 – September 10, 1898), of the House of Wittelsbach, was Empress-Consort of Austria and Queen consort of Hungary due to her marriage to Emperor Franz Joseph.

  3. Pedigree: Elisabeth (Duchess) of BAVARIA

    HM George I's 6-Great Grandmother. HRE Charles VI's 7-Great Grandmother. U.S. President [MONROE] 's 14-Great Grandmother. PM Churchill's 16-Great Grandmother. Lady Diana's 16-Great Gran

  4. Pedigree: Elisabeth of BAVARIA

    HM George I's 9-Great Grandmother. HRE Ferdinand I's 5-Great Aunt. HRE Charles VI's 10-Great Grandmother. U.S. President [MONROE] 's 17-Great Aunt. PM Churchill's 17-Great Grandmother.

  5. The Eccentric Elisabeth of Bavaria Married Into the Infamous ...

    15. Elisabeth Got Her Headstrong Nature From Her Father Elisabeth’s father was Duke Maximilian Joseph of Bavaria, and like his daughter, he had a determined spirit and led a free lifestyle. Popularly known as “Max,” he loved Bavarian folk music and promoted it throughout Germany. He particularly loved the folk instrument known as the zither, […]

  6. Princess Elisabeth Marie of Bavaria - YouTube

    May 18, 2013 · Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria (Elisabeth Marie Auguste Prinzessin von Bayern) (8 January 1874 -- 4 March 1957) was a member of the Bavarian Royal House of Wittelsbach. She was known as Princess of ...

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  7. Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria | Royalties | Monarchy

    Empress Elisabeth of. Bavaria. Sissi The Restless Empress. Elisabeth of Austria (24 December 1837 10 September 1898). Her Royal Highness Duchess Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie Born in Bavaria, on Christmas Eve The fourth child of Duke Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria and Princess Ludovika of Bavaria Her home was at Possenhofen Castle

  8. The Eccentric Elisabeth of Bavaria Married Into the Infamous ...

    Official engagement photo of King Ludwig II with Princess Sophie of Bavaria. Joseph Albert reprint s.a. Publisher Sebastian Winkler- Munich, W 458/ Wikimedia Commons/ Public Domain. 14. She And Her First Cousin Were Particularly Close. King Ludwig was Elisabeth’s first cousin and the king of Bavaria.

  9. The Most Miserable Princess Ever: Sisi, Empress Elisabeth of ...

    Empress Elisabeth, not actually a princess, is best known as Sisi. ... She was a Wittelsbach, a member of the ruling family of Bavaria, though not (and this is important) from the branch that ...

  10. Austrian Royalty. She was born Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie of Wittelsbach, the daughter of Maximilian, Duke of Bavaria and Princess Ludovika. She was known as Sisi to her family. In 1853, Elisabeth accompanied her mother and older sister Helene to the resort of Bad Ischl, where it was hoped Helene would capture the...