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  1. Nicholas Szécsényi - Wikipediaécsényi

    Nicholas II was born into the influential Szécsényi family, which originated from the ancient Kacsics kindred, as the elder son of Simon Szécsényi, a staunch supporter of King Sigismund of Luxembourg, and Elizabeth Garai, sister of Palatine Nicholas Garai.

  2. Ladislaus Szécsényi - Wikipediaécsényi

    In 1424, Nicholas Szécsényi was condemned for coin counterfeiting, and consequently King Sigismund confiscated all of his estates. Mainz citizen Eberhard Windecke also claimed that Nicholas was responsible for the death of Ladislaus' namesakefather, accusing him of poisoning, but contemporary official documents do not confirm this assumption.

    • 1413
    • 1440–1460
    • George Szentgyörgyi
    • Albert Losonci &, Michael Ország
  3. Simon Szécsényi - Wikipediaécsényi

    The Siklós League, led by Nicholas II Garai (Szécsényi's brother-in-law) and Hermann of Celje, took the power over the royal court after the 1401 conspiracy. Szécsényi was standing by the king in 1403, when another baronial revolt broke out in favour of Ladislaus of Naples.

    • c. 29 January 1412
    • 1395
    • John Kaplai
    • John Pásztói
  4. Kónya Szécsényi - Wikipediaónya_Szécsényi

    His birth name was Nicholas, but contemporaries (even in official documents) exclusively called him "Kónya" after his drooping ears (lit. "lekonyuló"). He was born into the powerful Szécsényi family as the eldest son of Thomas Szécsényi , Voivode of Transylvania and his first wife, an unidentified daughter of nobleman Paul Visontai from ...

    • 1367
    • Emeric Lackfi
  5. (PDF) Nicholas of Szécsényi.pdf | Daniela Dvořáková ...écsényi...

    Nicholas of Szécsényi and salgó – an exceptional man at the court of Sigismund of Luxembourg (a contribution to the court culture and functioning of the court of the King of Hungary at the beginning of the 15 th century) Historický časopis, 2012, 60,

  6. Szécsényi family - Wikipediaécsényi_family

    The Szécsényi was a noble family of the Kingdom of Hungary in the 14-15th centuries. The ancestor of the family, Thomas descended from the gens ("clan") Kacsics.He was one of the most powerful barons of King Charles I of Hungary and he hold several dignities during his reign.

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    27 relations: Ban of Croatia, Ban of Slavonia, Banate of Severin, Charles III of Naples, Debrecen, Drugeth family, Emeric I Bebek, Frank Szécsi, Ispán, Judge royal, Kónya Szécsényi, Kraków, Krassó-Szörény County, Louis I of Hungary, Mary, Queen of Hungary, Master of the stewards, Nógrád County (former), Neapolitan campaigns of Louis the Great, Nicholas I Garai, Nicholas II Szécsi ...

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    Longer titles found: Szécsény District , Szécsényfelfalu , Szécsényi family , Ladislaus Szécsényi , Nicholas Szécsényi searching for Szécsény 8 found (66 total) alternate case: szécsény

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    Voivode of Transylvania - Maros-Torda County - Torda-Aranyos County - Counties of Hungary (before 1920) - Transylvania - Turda - Romania - Moldovenești - Arieș - Interpolation (manuscripts) - Ispán - King of Hungary - Ladislaus III Kán - Szécsényi family - Mojs II Ákos - Stephen Erdélyi - Prince of Transylvania - Count of the Székelys - Anthony Erdélyi - Ladislaus I Losonci - János ...

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    John Hunyadi (Hunyadi János, Ioan de Hunedoara; 1406 – 11 August 1456) was a leading Hungarian military and political figure in Central and Southeastern Europe during the 15th century. 289 relations.

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