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  1. List of organ compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · The Organ Music of J.S. Bach (2nd edition). Cambridge University Press, 2003. Cambridge University Press, 2003. ISBN 0-521-89115-9 , ISBN 978-0-521-89115-8

  2. Orgelbüchlein - Wikipediaüchlein

    3 days ago · The Orgelbüchlein (Little Organ Book) BWV 599−644 is a set of 45 chorale preludes for organ — one of them is given in two versions — by Johann Sebastian Bach.All but three were written between 1708 and 1717 when Bach served as organist to the ducal court in Weimar; the remainder and a short two-bar fragment came no earlier than 1726, after the composer’s appointment as cantor at the ...

  3. Theatre organ - Wikipedia

    A theatre organ (also known as a theater organ, or [especially in the U.K.] a cinema organ) is a distinct type of pipe organ originally developed to provide music and sound effects to accompany silent films during the first 3 decades of the 20th century.

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  5. Dieterich Buxtehude - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · The Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. 4. Macmillan. 2001. pp. 695–710. A concise summary of Buxtehude's life and works, a bibliography, and a complete list of works and sources. Gorman, Sharon Lee (1990). Rhetoric and Affect in the Organ Praeludia of Dieterich Buxtehude (1637–1707) (Thesis). Stanford University.

  6. Byzantine music - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Music of Turkey was influenced by Byzantine music, too (mainly in the years 1640–1712). Ottoman music is a synthesis, carrying the culture of Greek and Armenian Christian chant. It emerged as the result of a sharing process between the many civilizations that met together in the Orient, considering the breadth and length of duration of these ...

  7. Drone music - Wikipedia

    Sep 22, 2020 · Drone music, drone-based music, or simply drone, is a minimalist genre that emphasizes the use of sustained sounds, notes, or tone clusters – called drones.It is typically characterized by lengthy audio programs with relatively slight harmonic variations throughout each piece.

  8. Gospel music - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · Traditional forms of gospel music often utilize choirs, use piano or Hammond organ, tambourines, drums, bass guitar and, increasingly, electric guitar. In comparison with hymns, which are generally of a statelier measure, the gospel song is expected to have a refrain and often a more syncopated rhythm.

  9. WANIMA - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · 2月28日 - 「space shower music awards」で「best breakthrough artist(もっとも優れた新人アーティストに授与される賞)」を受賞 。 3月9日 - 「are you coming?」が第8回cdショップ大賞2016にて準大賞を受賞 。 8月3日 - 2nd single「juice up!!」をリリース 。 2017年

  10. 1 day ago · Erick Morillo, 49, Colombian-American DJ (Reel 2 Real), music producer ("I Like to Move It") and record label owner, suspected suicide. John Najarian, 92, American transplant surgeon. Sue C. Nichols, 55, American animator (The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame) and screenwriter .

  11. POCKET MUSIC - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · 『pocket music』(ポケット・ミュージック)は1986年 4月23日に発売された山下達郎通算8作目のスタジオ・アルバム 目次 1 解説