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  1. Schoenoplectus acutus - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre › wiki › Schoenoplectus_acutus

    2 days ago · S. acutus [ editar datos en Wikidata ] El tule ( Schoenoplectus acutus , Scirpus acutus , Schoenoplectus lacustris , Scirpus lacustris subsp. acutus ), también llamado junco o espadaña , es una planta acuática nativa de los lagos y pantanos de Norteamérica .

  2. Long-tailed vole - Wikipedia › wiki › Long-tailed_vole

    4 days ago · In the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, they reside among marshes of hardstem bullrush (Schoenoplectus acutus), cattail (Typha latifolia), baltic rush (Juncus balticus), and sedges . They are found at elevations from sea level up to 3,650 m (11,980 ft) above sea level.

  3. Schoenoplectus - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre › wiki › Schoenoplectus

    Apr 03, 2021 · Schoenoplectus es un género de plantas de la familia Cyperaceae con una distribución cosmopolita. El género Schoenoplectus está estrechamente relacionado con Scirpus . Comprende 143 especies descritas y de estas, solo 46 aceptadas.

  4. Schoenoplectus lacustris - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre › wiki › Schoenoplectus_lacustris

    3 days ago · Schoenoplectus lacustris fue descrita por Palla y publicado en Verhandlungen der Kaiserlich-Königlichen Zoologisch-Botanischen Gesellschaft in Wien 38: 49. 1888. [2] Citología. Número de cromosomas de Schoenoplectus lacustris (Fam. Cyperaceae) y táxones infraespecíficos:2n=42. [3] [4] Sinonimia. Cyperus americanus Garsault

  5. Maritime history of California - Wikipedia › wiki › Maritime_history_of_California

    6 days ago · Tule (Schoenoplectus acutus also called bulrushes) have a thin (~1 cm or 0.5 inch) diameter, rounded green stems that grows to 1 to 3 metres (3–10 ft) tall.They grow well in marshes, wetlands or at the edges of bodies of water.

  6. Anderson Marsh State Historic Park - Wikipedia › wiki › Anderson_Marsh_State

    Apr 02, 2021 · Natural history. The Anderson Marsh Park contains 1,065 acres (431 ha) of native bunch grass-covered hills, oak woodland, and Tule (Schoenoplectus acutus) marshes. It protects several habitats including: freshwater marsh wetlands, native grasslands, California oak woodlands, and riparian woodlands.

  7. Oczeret – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia › wiki › Oczeret

    Mar 27, 2021 · Schoenoplectus acutus (Muhl. ex Bigelow) Á.Löve & D.Löve Schoenoplectus americanus (Pers.) Volkart – oczeret amerykański Schoenoplectus annamicus (Raymond) T.Koyama

  8. Thoubal district - Wikipedia › wiki › Thoubal_district

    Mar 28, 2021 · Khangabok is famed throughout Manipur for Tule, (Schoenoplectus acutus) know locally as Kouna, based handicrafts too. Kouna is used for making seating mat (phak), stool (mora), chair, mattress and various other crafts. Fishing also contributes to the economy of Thoubal District.

  9. List of flora of the Sonoran Desert Region by common name › wiki › List_of_plants_by_common

    4 days ago · The Sonoran Desert is a North American desert and ecoregion which covers large parts of the southwestern United States and of northwestern Mexico. With an area of 260,000 square kilometers (100,000 sq mi), it is the hottest desert in Mexico. The western portion of the Mexico–United States border passes through the Sonoran Desert.

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    3 days ago · Fact Sheets & Plant Guides : About Fact Sheets & Plant Guides Customize the list of Fact Sheets & Plant Guides. Fact Sheets & Plant Guides is a partnership of the National Plant Data Team and the Plant Materials Program.