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  1. Son of Vlad II Dracul, invaded briefly Wallachia in 1448 (October–November) while Vladislav II was away. His real rulership would begin after killing Vladislav II in battle. Vlad III was at war against the Ottomans. Radu III the Fair (Radu cel Frumos) August 1462 – November 1473 23 December 1473 – March 1474 March - bet. June/September 1474

  2. Nov 1, 2021 · In 1448, with Ottoman help, Vlad III, then 16 years old, expelled Vladislav II from Walachia and ascended the throne. He lasted only two months as voivode before the Hungarians reinstated Vladislav. Vlad III went into exile; little is known about his next eight years, as he moved around the Ottoman Empire and Moldavia.

  3. Oct 26, 2022 · Vladislav II, the previous Wallachian ruler who had been installed by Hunyadi, returns with his army from the Battle of Kosovo and forces to Vlad to flee. Vlad returns initially to Ottoman lands, but for the next several years he lives in Moldavia and Hungary.

  4. Basarab II DA 1442-1444: Maria: Dan III of Wallachia Stanciul: Vladislav II DA 1447-1448 1448-†1456: Neacşa: Basarab III DA 1473 1474 1475-1476 1476-1477: Radu Mihail: Mircea II DR,1 1442: Vlad Calugarul DR: Radu III the Fair DR: Alexandra 2: Vlad III the Impaler DR: Mircea (Illegitimate) DR,4 1480

  5. Vladislav I of the Basarab dynasty, also known as Vlaicu [1] or Vlaicu-Vodă, was the Voivode of Wallachia between 1364 and 1377. He was the son of Nicholas Alexander of Wallachia and Clara Dobokai. In February 1369, Vladislav I subdued Vidin [2] and recognised Louis I of Hungary as his overlord in return for Severin, Amlaș, and Făgăraș.

  6. He also had a half-brother, Vlad the Monk born around 1425-1430. Vlad II went to the court of Holy Roman Emperor, Sigismund of Luxemburg as a young man. Sigismund was supporting Vlad II for the throne of Wallachia, and made Vlad II knight 1431 of the Order of the Dragon ( Societas Draconis in Latin ).

  7. Oct 28, 2021 · Photograph by BPK, Scala/Florence. In 1447 Vlad II was ousted as ruler of Walachia by local boyars, or aristocrats, and subsequently captured and killed. That same year, Vlad III’s older brother ...

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