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  1. Actinopterygii - Wikipedia

    Actinopterygii (/ ˌ æ k t ɪ n ɒ p t ə ˈ r ɪ dʒ i aɪ /) (New Latin, actino-("having rays") + Ancient Greek πτέρυξ (ptérux, "wing, fins")), members of which are known as ray-finned fishes, is a clade (traditionally class or subclass) of the bony fishes.

    • Actinopterygii, Klein, 1885
    • Chordata
  2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Wikipedia

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on 27 January 1756 to Leopold Mozart (1719–1787) and Anna Maria, née Pertl (1720–1778), at Getreidegasse 9 in Salzburg. Salzburg was the capital of the Archbishopric of Salzburg, an ecclesiastic principality in the Holy Roman Empire (today in Austria).

  3. Actinopteri - Wikipedia

    Actinopteri is the sister group of Cladistia.Dating back to the Permian period, the Actinopteri comprise the Chondrostei (sturgeons and paddlefishes) and the Neopterygii (bowfin, gars, and teleosts).

  4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (January 27, 1756 – December 5, 1791; pronounced MOHT-sart) was an Austrian composer (music writer), instrumentalist, and music teacher. His full baptised name was Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophillus Mozart.

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  6. List of compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Wikipedia

    Mozart's symphonic production covers a 24-year interval, from 1764 to 1788. According to most recent investigations, Mozart wrote not just the 41 symphonies reported in traditional editions, but up to 68 complete works of this type. However, by convention, the original numbering has been retained, and so his last symphony is still known as "No ...

  7. Death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Wikipedia

    Some ascribe Mozart's death to malpractice on the part of his physician, Dr. Closset. His sister-in-law Sophie Weber, in her 1825 account, makes the implication. Borowitz summarizes: When Mozart appeared to be sinking, one of his doctors, Dr. Nikolaus Closset, was sent for and finally located at the theater.

  8. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Wikipedia

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (născut Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart) s-a născut la 27 ianuarie 1756 la Salzburg, pe atunci capitala unui principat-arhiepiscopat (germ. Fürstbistum ) ce făcea parte din Sfântul Imperiu Roman de Națiune Germană (după 1804 devenit Imperiul Austriac ).

  9. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Wikipedija, prosta enciklopedija

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, avstrijski skladatelj, * 27. januar 1756, Salzburg (tedaj glavno mesto Salzburške knezoškofije), † 5. december 1791, Dunaj, Habsburška monarhija. Veljal je za vplivnega skladatelja, ki je deloval v glasbenem klasicizmu .

  10. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia ...

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (bahasa Jerman: [ˈvɔlfɡaŋ amaˈdeus ˈmoːtsaʁt]) yang bernama asli Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Gottlieb Mozart (lahir di Salzburg, 27 Januari 1756 – meninggal di Wina, Austria, 5 Desember 1791 pada umur 35 tahun) adalah seorang komponis.

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