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    Afrotheria (/ æ f r oʊ ˈ θ ɪər i ə / from Latin Afro-"of Africa" + theria "wild beast") is a clade of mammals, the living members of which belong to groups that are either currently living in Africa or of African origin: golden moles, elephant shrews (also known as sengis), tenrecs, aardvarks, hyraxes, elephants, sea cows, and several extinct clades.

  2. The Afrotheria is a group of mammals, (a superorder or a clade ). It includes the golden moles, elephant shrews, tenrecs, aardvarks, hyraxes, elephants and manatees. Biologists made this group based on RNA sequence analysis. Afrotheria are one of four major groups in the Eutheria ( placental mammals). Afrotheria means "African animals", "afro ...

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    Afrotheria is a clade o mammals, the livin members o which alang tae groups that are either currently livin in Africae or o African origin: gowden moles, elephant shrews (cried sengis an aa), tenrecs, aardvarks, hyraxes, elephants, sea cows, an several extinct clades. Taxon identifiers. Wikidata: Q27399.

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    These opinions are now supported by many genetic studies indicating an association between Tenrecomorpha and various other African mammals in the superorder Afrotheria. [3] [4] [5] Afrosoricids are sometimes considered part of the Afroinsectiphilia , a clade within Afrotheria.

    • Afrosoricida, Stanhope et al., 1998
    • Animalia
  6. Apr 28, 2019 · Recapitulating the evolution of Afrotheria: 57 genes and rare genomic changes (RGCs) consolidate their history. Systematics and biodiversity 8 (3): 395–408. DOI : 10.1080/14772000.2010.484436 [corrigendum in Systematics and biodiversity 10 (1): 125.

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    Epitheria—like Xenarthra and Afrotheria —originated after the K-Pg boundary 66 million years ago, with the placental diversification occurring within the first hundred thousand years after the K-Pg event and the first modern placental orders began appearing 2–3 million years later. Epitheres are one of the most successful groups of animals.

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