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  1. The age of. revolution. During the decades of economic and social transformation, western Europe also experienced massive political change. The central event throughout much of the Continent was the French Revolution (1789–99) and its aftermath. This was followed by a concerted effort at political reaction and a renewed series of revolutions ...

    • The Renaissance

      The Renaissance. Few historians are comfortable with the...

    • The Metal Ages

      The period of the 3rd, the 2nd, and the 1st millennia bce...

    • The Enlightenment

      The Enlightenment was both a movement and a state of mind....

    • Demographics

      For the continent as a whole, the population growth under...

    • The Peasantry

      In 1700 only 15 percent of Europe’s population lived in...

    • The Napoleonic Era

      Napoleon ruled for 15 years, closing out the quarter-century...

  2. The Age of Revolution is a period from the late-18th to the mid-19th centuries during which a number of significant revolutionary movements occurred in most of Europe and the Americas. [2] The period is noted for the change from absolutist monarchies to representative governments with a written constitution, and the creation of nation states .

    • American Revolution: 37,324+, French Revolution: 150,000+, Napoleonic Wars: 3,500,000–7,000,000 (see Napoleonic Wars casualties), Over 3,687,324–7,187,324 casualties (other wars excluded)
  3. The Age of Capital: 1848–1875. The Age of Revolution: Europe: 1789–1848 is a book by Eric Hobsbawm, first published in 1962. It is the first in a trilogy of books about "the long 19th century" (coined by Hobsbawm), followed by The Age of Capital: 1848–1875, and The Age of Empire: 1875–1914. A fourth book, The Age of Extremes: The Short ...

    • Eric Hobsbawm
    • United Kingdom, United States
    • 1962
    • English
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  5. The Age of Revolution: Europe 1789-1848 by British historian Eric Hobsbawm looks at the effects of the French and Industrial Revolutions. He coined the term “Twin Revolution” to emphasize how the ideological changes of the French Revolution (1789-1799) synergized with the technological advancements of the Industrial Revolution (1780 to 1840).

  6. Aug 2, 2022 · The age of revolution : Europe 1789-1848 by Hobsbawm, E. J. (Eric John), 1917-2012. Publication date 1992 Topics

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