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  1. 21 Facts About Andy Warhol | Contemporary Art | Sotheby’s › 21-facts-about-andy-warhol
    • A devout Roman Catholic, Warhol attended mass daily.
    • The blank right-hand side of Warhol's Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster) mimics the breaking of a strip of projected film and the loss of consciousness upon death.
    • In 1964 the Castelli Gallery showed Warhol's Flowers series, a theme the artist selected in part because the art dealer Ileana Sonnabend sensed New York collectors' resistance to his early Death and Disaster paintings, which had been more popular in Europe.
    • Warhol started to paint depictions of Elizabeth Taylor when the actress became ill while filming Cleopatra and the artist believed she might die.
  2. 10 Andy Warhol Facts - Primary Facts › 818 › 10-andy-warhol-facts

    Feb 13, 2013 · Andy Warhol was born on 6th August 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is known for his pop art and his work focuses of the crossover between celebrity, advertising and artistic expression. He worked with many forms of media, including: painting, printmaking, photography, drawing, sculpture, film and music.

  3. Andy Warhol - Wikipedia › wiki › Andy_Warhol

    Warhol was born on August 6, 1928, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was the fourth child of Ondrej Warhola (Americanized as Andrew Warhola, Sr., 1889–1942) and Julia (née Zavacká, 1892–1972), whose first child was born in their homeland of Austria-Hungary and died before their move to the U.S.

  4. 10 Facts about Andy Warhol | Fact File › 10-facts-about-andy-warhol

    Facts about Andy Warhol tell us about the famous artist in the world. He was famous with his pop art style. Warhol actually was not his last name. He was born as Andrew Warhola in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  5. 10 Fun Facts About Andy Warhol - Culture Trip › north-america › usa

    Feb 01, 2018 · Andy Warhol was emblematic of the rich artistic culture in New York City. He lived in New York for most of his life, and he certainly transformed and was transformed by the Big Apple. But he was actually from a small neighborhood in Pittsburgh, and raised by two Slovakian parents.

  6. Andy Warhol - Death, Art & Facts - Biography › artist › andy-warhol

    May 06, 2021 · Andy Warhol was a successful magazine and ad illustrator who became a leading artist of the 1960s Pop art movements. He ventured into a wide variety of art forms, including performance art,...

  7. 5 Things You Never Knew About Andy Warhol | Architectural Digest › story › andy-warhol
    • Stephanie Strasnick
    • He illustrated a cookbook. Early in his career, Warhol (then an advertising illustrator) collaborated with interior designer Suzie Frankfurt on the cookbook Wild Raspberries, named after the film Wild Strawberries.
    • He wanted to open a restaurant. Inspired by the automats of the 1950s, Warhol had a dream of opening a similarly styled restaurant. He planned to call it Andy-Mat.
    • He produced three TV shows. It’s no surprise that someone as enamored with celebrity and show business as Warhol would dabble in television production.
    • He regularly volunteered. Warhol was raised in a religious home and stayed true to his Catholic roots in many regards. He is said to have volunteered at homeless shelters on a regular basis.
  8. The Life, Major Facts, and Accomplishments of Andy Warhol ... › andy-warhol-life-facts

    Feb 15, 2021 · Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to a construction worker and an embroiderer. His parents – Andrej and Julia Warhola – originally came from Slovakia. They immigrated from Carpatho-Rusyn, near the Carpathian Mountains (now eastern Slovakia) to the United States.

  9. 15 Things You Didn't Know About Andy Warhol, WWF Fan And ... › andy-warhol-stories-facts-trivia

    Jun 15, 2019 · Born on August 6, 1928, in Pittsburgh, Andy Warhola was the third son born to a pair of Slovakian immigrants. Andrej and Julia Warhola raised their family in a small apartment in the industrial town, Andrej worked as a construction worker and coal miner while his mother took care of the house.

    • He Was A Second-Generation American
      He Was A Second-Generation American
      Born on August 6, 1928, in Pittsburgh, Andy Warhola was the third son born to a pair of Slovakian immigrants.
    • He Was A Devout Catholic
      He Was A Devout Catholic
      One of the more shocking things about Andy Warhol is how in touch he was with his spirituality. Even when he was playing host to some of the wildest parties in New York City and posing for photos on the dance floor of Studio 54 he never strayed too far from his Catholic upbringing.
    • His Unique Look Was Inspired By Early Onset Balding
      His Unique Look Was Inspired By Early Onset Balding
      Readers who’ve never seen a piece of art by Warhol would still be able to recognize his unique silhouette created by a silver wig chopped into a bob.
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